Silent Night....and Silent Day with the New 59dB Rw Skyfold

First and foremost, may we wish you a very happy Christmas on behalf of everyone at Style.

This Christmas, we’re not only celebrating a ‘silent night’ but also many silent days thanks to the New Skyfold 59dB Rw, fully automatic, vertically rising, acoustic moveable wall that really is the present we’ve all been waiting for!

Offering a soundproofed partitioning wall solution, Skyfold glides effortlessly into place, sub-dividing space and raising the bar in acoustic standards.

To view the new Skyfold, please watch the short video on the Skyfold page

“We’ve been exclusive UK partners to Skyfold for ten years,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director.
“During that time we’ve been proud to offer what we believe is the most innovative, acoustic moveable wall in the world, but with a new 59dB Rw solution now available its taken partitioning wall systems to a whole new level.
“In addition, Skyfold has also launched its new Zenith range, offering a thin path of travel. This is ideal for busy or congested space where there is no need to move furniture or fittings because its glides into the tightest gap.”

This is yet another first for Style, and Christmas seems to be the time when new innovations are announced.

This time last year, Style was celebrating the first ever UK EPD certification for moveable walls – the most sustainable partitioning wall solution in the UK market. The EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) applies to DORMA’s Variflex, Moveo and Varitrans products, of which Style is also the exclusive UK partner.

“We can hardly wait for 2014 to begin because we’ve got such a phenomenal range of moveable wall solutions to offer architects, specifiers, contractors and end user clients,” said Julian. “However, for now we look forward to a hard earned festive break and wish everyone a very happy Christmas and New Year.”

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Maximum Soundproofing with Groundbreaking New Skyfold

Skyfold has set an incredible new standard in soundproofing with the launch of its new 59dB Rw acoustic moveable wall.

The vertically rising, fully automatic, partitioning wall is already in a class of its own – gliding silently into place at the push of a button, and occupying no floor space by being housed discreetly in the ceiling cavity.

With the arrival of an unrivalled 59dB Rw model, Skyfold has set the bar even higher in acoustic partitioning systems. Witness the acoustics for yourself by visiting the Skyfold page of our web site and viewing the Product Videos

“A moveable wall with this level of soundproofing sets a new precedent,” said Efrem Brynin, Style’s Skyfold Product Manager. “We have been the exclusive UK partner to Skyfold for 10 years now, and during that time the product has continued to develop.
“But what we’re witnessing here is a dramatic, and very significant, leap forward in acoustic technology and will be the product that many architects, specifiers, contractors and end-user clients have long been waiting for.”

Available in both the existing “Classic” range and a brand new “Zenith” range, Skyfold offers extensive benefits when sub-dividing space.

Retracting fully into the ceiling it is completely hidden when not in use, using no floor or wall tracks whatsoever. As a fully automated and quiet system it is flat, rigid and light weight and comes with an extensive range of finish options. It also has a 10 year warranty.

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Style’s RIBA CPD Seminars Attract Growing Numbers

Rising demand for architects to create flexible space in new and refurbished buildings has led to a marked increase in the number of RIBA CPDs delivered by Style.

According to group managing director, Julian Sargent, interest in Style’s two CPD seminars has never been so high, reflecting the soaring demand for moveable partitioning walls in companies, hotels, schools, local authorities, hospitals, conferencing centres, churches and anywhere else where multifunctional space can enhance a building’s design and use.

“We offer two RIBA CPD seminars,” said Julian. “These are on the topics of multi-functional space, and fully automated vertically rising acoustic partition systems.
“Multi functional space focuses on the extensive range of options architects have to sub-divide space and create flexibility within buildings. It covers all aspects of space division including design, structure, acoustic performance, finishes, health & safety and maintenance.
“The CPD on fully automated vertically rising acoustic partition systems is focused on Skyfold, the only fully automatic, vertically rising acoustic moveable wall in the UK market, housed in the ceiling cavity.”

Feedback from architects who attend the CPDs is always very strong. Julian puts this down to Style’s extensive expertise and product knowledge as exclusive UK agents of DORMA moveable walls, SWG and Skyfold, which offer some of the most innovative, flexible and stylish solutions in the market.

“The moveable walls sector is moving quickly in terms of the demand for new and more innovative solutions, and expectations are also rising in terms of the variety of finishes and acoustic standards demanded by architects and their clients,” he said.

“Our CPD seminars are delivered at the offices of architects, and in most instances we make the presentation over a buffet lunch. We’re always happy to spend as much time as is needed to take questions, and respond to any particular challenges or opportunities that architects are working on that currently require the creation of flexible space.”

Style is five times winners of the prestigious AIS Contractors Gold award, and IMS accredited to a UKAS standard for ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System and BS OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health & Safety Management System.

For more information, or to book a RIBA Approved CPD seminar from Style, please complete the form in the Specifiers section of the web site or contact your nearest regional Style office.


Hotel La Tour Video Showcases the Benefits of Skyfold

Style’s installation of Skyfold at Hotel La Tour in Birmingham has been showcased in a new video, which can be viewed in the Product Videos section of the web site.

As a vertically rising acoustic partition, housed in the ceiling cavity, Skyfold offers the hotel maximum floor space, and the ability to sub-divide and open up the room with ease.

Privacy is vital with concurrent meetings taking place in adjacent rooms, and with its Rw 51dB rating Skyfold more than meets Hotel La Tour’s acoustic requirements. As a fully automatic wall activated by a simple pushbutton it is effortless and smooth to operate as well as being flat, rigid and lightweight.

“Skyfold has to be seen to be believed,” said Mike Fine, Style’s director for the Midlands. “When you first walk into a room, you wouldn’t even realise a moveable wall was installed because it sits so discreetly in the ceiling.
“But, as the video shows, it glides silently into position and offers the perfect partitioning wall solution. In fact this is the first of its kind to be installed in a UK hotel and, with a fabric backed vinyl wallpaper finish, it not only looks stunning but it also enables Hotel la Tour to maximise revenue by being able to book two meetings at the same time, or open up the space for larger gatherings and conferences.”

In May this year, Style unveiled its 100th installation of Skyfold at the Telefonica Digital offices in central London. Since its arrival in the UK, Style has been Skyfold’s exclusive UK partner with demand now at an all time high.

“This is an acoustic moveable partitioning wall system that suits a wide range of market sectors,” said Mike, “As well as the hotel and corporate sectors we’ve also installed Skyfold at local authority offices, schools, universities and colleges. Its a truly outstanding product, and the video is a great way for architects, specifiers and contractors to appreciate the benefits for themselves.”

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Acoustic Performance is a Combination of Product and Professionalism

Judging a moveable partitioning wall’s acoustic performance by its lab tested Rw rating can be misleading, and could result in dissatisfaction once installed.

That’s the warning from Mike Fine, Style Partitions’ director for the Midlands, who says that an operable wall’s effectiveness at creating a sound barrier when closed can only be achieved by assessing the room it is intended for.

“The harsh reality is that a final installation will rarely replicate the conditions of a lab test, because in a controlled environment there is one test product and no flanking,” explains Mike.
“Architects, specifiers, contractors and end-user clients should therefore treat the Rw lab test as not only an essential requirement but also an indication of potential performance, and a way of evaluating one product over another, but should always assess the room to determine a likely R’w rating; R‘w apostrophe’ being the in situ rating.”

According to Mike, getting the best out of a moveable partitioning wall is as much to do with professionalism as it is to do with the product.

“For any project we are specified on, we will offer objective, qualified and transparent advice regarding the potential acoustic performance,” continued Mike. “This is done by surveying the room to assess where flanking may occur and its severity. Flanking is difficult to quantify prior to completion and determination of flanking requires a series of in-situ sound tests. However our experts can offer extremely valuable guidance pre-installation.
“We will also consider the overall quality and robustness of surrounding walls, ceiling and floors, including their construction, materials and age so that we can offer clear advice as to the final quality of the acoustics. Consideration will also be given to the addition of any absorptive treatment to improve acoustics within the room.”

A great recent example of acoustic effectiveness is at Style’s 100th installation of Skyfold at Telefonica Digital head offices in central London.

Skyfold not only delivers the wow-factor aesthetically and operationally, its acoustic qualities are exceptional too – up to Rw56dB. At an event to celebrate this 100th installation, Style showed a room full of architects and contractors how they could enjoy almost complete privacy, even when a relatively noisy activity is taking place directly on the other side.

“This impressive level of acoustic performance is not only achieved thanks to product quality. It’s also about Style’s careful attention to detail at the planning and installation phases,” said Mike. “At Telefonica, we ensured that services running through the ceiling cavity didn’t interfere with the acoustic barrier, and delivered an outstanding solution as a result.”

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Style Strengthens its Team with New Appointment

Chris Winwood, a name that will be known by many from the moveable walls sector, has joined the Style South team to work in the South West area.

Chris brings a wealth of experience having worked on both the manufacturer and supplier sides of the partitioning walls industry; for many years working at Dorma, who Style are exclusive UK agents for.

“We’re delighted to have Chris on board,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director. “He’s someone we’ve known for many years, and has a great track record of working with architects, specifiers and contractors to provide support with specifications.
“Style has always prided itself on the very high quality of its products, processes and people and Chris is a great addition to our very high calibre national team.”
Chris Winwood added, “Style has always been a company I’ve had a great deal of admiration for. Their reputation in the moveable partitioning walls sector is second to none and they’ve got the perfect portfolio of manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic, acoustic moveable and folding partitioning walls to suit all requirements and budgets – from showcase company boardrooms to small village halls.”

For more information regarding Style’s product range, please contact your nearest Style regional office.