What do cars and moveable partitioning walls have in common?

Companies, schools, colleges, hospitals, churches, village halls, hotels, sports halls and conferences centres that have moveable partitioning walls should have them regularly serviced.

According to Mike Fine, Style’s director for the Midlands, operable walls are very much like vehicles, with routine servicing vital during their lifespan.

“Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic moveable walls will perform better, and for longer, if they are treated well,” said Mike.

“A sign that this is becoming increasingly recognised is in the demand for our scheduled servicing and maintenance, which has soared in recent years. This is where our technicians routinely visit customers to check their wall’s operation and make any adjustments to avoid wear and tear.

“No-one would drive a car or van for years without an oil change or a service, and flexible walls that divide space are no different. They are being opened and closed frequently, contain moving parts and always benefit from being inspected by a qualified engineer who can spot potential difficulties before they arise.

“That way, some of our walls last for 20 – 25 years or more, and customers that opt for our scheduled servicing can save vast sums of money in the long run by not having to replace them.”

As well as scheduled servicing, Style’s team of field engineers is also on hand for urgent repairs, and can assist with any moveable partitioning wall even if the company didn’t originally install it.

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Demand for moveable glass partitioning walls grows in the retail sector

The UK retail market is beginning to recognise the potential offered by moveable glass partitioning frontages for shops, and is a sector on the cusp of substantial growth.

This is according to Julian Sargent, group managing director of Style – the UK’s leading moveable partitioning specialists.

Julian explains that, moveable walls, such as DORMA’s Varitrans system, not only bring convenience and flexibility to retailers, they also entice customers into shops thanks to clear and open access.

“A glass moveable wall, which can be quickly opened and closed, removes all barriers between the walkway or shopping centre and the shop,” said Julian. “It means potential customers and passers-by can enter the premises far more easily, not having to make that physical decision to go through a door, and can start to browse from the concourse before being drawn in.

“It also means that shops can adapt their store on a daily basis, opening the front up completely, closing it to provide a more traditional shop window or leaving it partially open to create a wider entrance.”

DORMA’s Varitrans is used worldwide by retailers, the UK market looking set to become the next major growth area. Available with DORMA’s ComfortDrive fully automatic system, it means this operable wall can be effortlessly opened and closed at the push of a button. Retailers can choose between single or double integrated doors, and also have the facility to fully customise it with manifestations including screen printing, sand etching and logo placement.

“We’ve already seen demand from the food and beverage sector, with restaurants, café’s and bars enjoying the freedom to open up or close the front of their premises,” said Julian. “Our expectation is that as high streets, station concourses and shopping centres continue to focus on the ‘ultimate customer experience’, we will see a surge of growth in the retail sector too.”

Style is the exclusive UK partner to DORMA. For more information, please contact your nearest regional Style office.


Book your RIBA approved CPD with Style

Bookings are being taken for 2016 for Style’s RIBA approved CPD seminars, which have always been popular with architects.

Hosted either on site at your company’s offices, or at Style’s prestigious London showroom, the CPD’s cover the topics of ‘multi-functional space’ and ‘fully automated vertically rising acoustic partition systems’.

“We enjoy tremendous feedback for our CPD seminars from architects all over the country,” said Mike Fine, Style’s director for the Midlands. “As a group, Style has five regional offices in Scotland, the north of England, the midlands, the south and south east, and architects can request a CPD from the team in their local area.

“For architects in London, the option is to either host it in your offices or visit our showroom in the Clerkenwell district. In doing so, the added benefit is that you can also see our moveable wall solutions, plus experience their acoustics, in person.”

As exclusive UK partners to DORMA, SWG and Skyfold, Style’s team has drawn from its extensive expertise and product knowledge from some of the most innovative, flexible and stylish solutions in the market.

Expectations are rising in terms of the variety of finishes and acoustic standards demanded by architects and their clients, and the moveable walls sector is moving quickly in terms of the demand for new and more innovative solutions.

BIM-based planning is also an area of interest to many architects and, in addition to the CPD, Style’s team are also on hand to answer any questions on this topic too. Style was the first UK supplier of moveable walls to be able to offer comprehensive BIM files for key elements of their range of partitioning wall systems. BIM (Building Information Modeling) is the smart, computerised, three-dimensional planning of buildings, and 2016 is the year when it becomes mandatory in the UK for all publicly financed construction projects to use BIM.

The CPD seminars cater for a broad cross section of the industry, including corporate, education, hospitality, religion and health as well as many others.

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Modernfold Celebrates 90 Years of Effective Space Utilisation

Founded in 1925, Modernfold, Inc. has been proud this year to observe its 90th anniversary as a premier manufacturer of space division products that meet the need for optimum space utilisation.

Style Partitions is honoured to be the exclusive UK partner to DORMA, which owns Modernfold, and many architects, specifiers and contractors will know them from when DORMA acquired both Modernfold and Huppe Forme to form the largest moveable walls manufacturer in the world. In fact it was Modernfold that pioneered the movable wall industry, and since then has continued to provide innovative solutions in acoustically rated operable partitions, accordion doors, and movable glass walls.

For nearly a century, Modernfold, Inc. has manufactured products as beautiful as they are useful, serving generations of developers, architects, interior designers, institutions and property owners.

“We have an incredible longstanding partnership with DORMA in the UK,’ said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director, “and the quality of their moveable walls is world class.

“This is underpinned by the heritage of companies such as Modernfold that are part of DORMA and lead the global marketplace in terms of operable wall innovation and technology. They also continue to change the way the architectural community and building owners view operable partitions by providing ultimate aesthetics and outstanding acoustical performance.

“On behalf of everyone at Style Partitions we raise a toast to their 90 years of success and all they have achieved within our industry.”

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

It’s our last newsletter of 2015 and we’d like to wish you a very happy Christmas and New Year.

2015 has been a year that saw Style further expand its portfolio of moveable partitioning wall solutions, meeting the needs of architects, specifiers, contractors and end user clients better than ever.

“We continue to invest in our people, products, systems and processes, and we were proud to have won the FIS Contractors Gold award yet again in the summer,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director. “This is the ultimate accolade in our sector and is the 7th time we have won gold, reflecting the quality of our entire proposition as the UK’s leading moveable walls specialist.

“As we look to 2016, BIM-based planning is set to become a major priority. The use of BIM (Building Information Modeling) will see some significant shifts for architects, specifiers, designers and the construction industry as a whole, and if you would like to discuss this with us please contact your nearest regional Style office who will be happy to help.

“Style is already equipped to offer comprehensive BIM files for key elements of our range of partitioning wall systems, and it’s going to become essential to use a BIM provider when specifying projects.

“As we reflect on 2015, we’re also incredibly proud of our growing apprentice scheme which is seeing an increasing number of school leavers learn, develop and grow, becoming important members of our team.

“We are also enjoying superb feedback about our London showroom, which has become a real showcase for our range of moveable wall solutions, and we continue to see rising demand for our hugely popular RIBA approved CPD seminars.

“However, for many of us now is the time to take a well-earned break and enjoy the festive period, and on behalf of everyone at Style we thank you for your continued support and wish you a very happy Christmas.”

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Demand for flexible space rises in schools

Schools, colleges and universities are making flexible space a priority, with rising demand for moveable partitioning walls for refurbishments and new builds.

Andy Gibson, Style’s director for the north, explains that adaptable space offers such wide-ranging benefits that operable walls are becoming a common feature in most educational establishments, and demand continues to grow.

“Schools, colleges and universities need to use their rooms for a wide multitude of activities, not just in the classrooms but with certain rooms changing from assembly halls into PE, dance, drama or examination areas all in the space of a day," said Andy.

“Getting the most out of every room is therefore vital, which is why the popularity of moveable partitioning walls has never been so high.”

Style is the UK market leader in moveable partitioning wall systems, and the exclusive UK partner to DORMA, Skyfold and SWG. It means the company has an extensive portfolio of wall systems to match any budget or requirement.

Better still, Style prides itself on the acoustics of its moveable wall systems; a key factor for companies and individuals involved in the design, specification, build or refurbishment of school buildings as highlighted in the Department of Education publication entitled, ‘Acoustic design of schools: performance standards’.

“Not only do we provide flexible space, enabling schools to frequently change their room configurations, the quality of acoustics with many of our products is so high that classes can be run concurrently either side of the partitioning wall undisturbed. In fact, our best acoustic wall has a 60dB rating which borders on soundproofing.

“By only using the space you require also saves on heating and lighting, and by using space more intelligently is far better than adding new temporary school buildings or creating extensions.”

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