Style launches new showroom video

Style, the UK’s leading moveable partitioning wall specialist, has launched a new video showcasing its London showroom.

The video can be viewed on the home page of Style's web site.

“Our showroom in London is in Clerkenwell, known as being at the heart of London’s interior furnishings district,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director.

“As the short video shows, it offers architects, specifiers, contractors, interior designers and end user clients the perfect opportunity to see some of the most innovative solutions for dividing space flexibly – all under one roof.

“On show are the very latest in moveable partitioning wall solutions from DORMA, the world’s leading moveable wall manufacturer.

“We also have a boardroom which includes the revolutionary Skyfold - a fully automatic, vertically rising, acoustic moveable wall. Visitors can also review the very latest in wall coverings, lighting design, acoustics, glass and a whole host of other innovations too.”

To book a visit and meet a member of Style’s team, please email london@style-partitions.co.uk or call us on 020 3752 3838.


Demand for Skyfold scales new heights

It was 2003 when Style introduced Skyfold to the UK market, and 10 years later the company celebrated its 100th installation in 2013.

Now just 3 years on, and with demand for Skyfold at an all-time high, Style has made over 200 installations, and when you see this operable wall in action its easy to understand why.

“Skyfold was, and still is, completely unique in the moveable partitioning walls sector,” said Mike Fine, Style’s director for the Midlands.

“There was a period in the early years when we were raising its profile in the UK, bringing it to the attention of architects, specifiers, contractors and end-user clients.

“But now, with awareness of Skyfold much higher, the level of demand is quite phenomenal.”

Skyfold is a vertically rising, fully automatic, acoustic moveable partitioning wall which is housed discreetly in the ceiling cavity so that it takes up no floor space and is hidden from view when not in use. Offering up to 59dB Rw acoustics, it provides a virtually sound-proofed solution when in place, and its popularity spans a wide range of market sectors.

“We have seen demand accelerating all over the UK, covering the corporate markets, schools, universities, colleges, hotels, conference centres, local authorities – this really is an incredibly versatile product,” continued Mike.

“It even offers a ‘thin path of travel’ which means it can operate in the busiest of rooms, descending from the ceiling into the tightest of floor spaces without having to reorganise the furnishings.

“Some of the finishes we have provided have also been breathtaking – offering not just beautifully designed, flexible space but real ‘wow’ factor when people see it in operation.”

Style intends to hold a champagne celebration for its 250th Skyfold client – perhaps that could be you?

For more information, please contact your nearest regional Style office.


Free moveable wall available to charity or other good cause

You don’t get much in life for free. However, if you know of a charity, or other good cause, that’s looking to make its room space more flexible, read on!

Thanks to the generosity of Style and one of its clients, a London-based media group, a DORMA Moveo glass moveable wall is available completely free of charge to a charity or good cause.

The operable wall, which boasts an incredible 50dB Rw acoustic rating, has been dividing the space at the media group’s meeting rooms however, due to an office refurbishment, is no longer needed.

Quite simply, if you have a need for it, they will donate the wall to you and Style will install it for free! The only requirements are, you must be a charity or good cause and it needs to fit your room space.

“This is an excellent glass moveable wall that has been dividing a meeting area into two separate rooms, or enabling them to open the area into one large space,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director.

“However, due to recent changes at their office, the wall is now no longer required and we all agreed it would be a great idea to offer it to a good cause.

“DORMA is the world’s leading moveable wall manufacturer and their Moveo glass system has the unique ComfortTronic auto seal system, making it quick and effortless to operate. This glass wall offers a feel of light and space and, thanks to its acoustic integrity, meetings can be conducted undisturbed when closed.

“At Style, we’re proud to be the UK’s leading moveable wall specialist, having won the FIS contractors gold award eight times, which means whoever receives the wall will be in very good hands with the very best product and installation.”

If you would like to suggest a charity or good cause to be considered for the moveable wall, please email marketing@style-partitions.co.uk with “Charity Moveable Wall” in the email subject title and we will be in touch.


Style’s preventative maintenance and aftercare service goes from strength to strength

Style Partitions has expanded its web site to offer more information on preventative maintenance and aftercare, following unprecedented demand for the service.

Offering service contracts, single services, operator training, moveable wall relocations, spares, replacements, health and safety advice and emergency call outs, Style’s portfolio has grown immeasurably in recent years.

Mike Fine, director for Style Midlands said, “The new web site will help customers understand the extensive range of services we offer, all of which are provided nationally through Style’s five regional offices.

“Routine servicing and maintenance of your moveable partitioning wall is vital, as it protects your investment, ensures its longevity and keeps its acoustic integrity intact.

“The best long-term solution is scheduled servicing because operable walls are like cars – they need a regular service to ensure they run smoothly, and some walls that are properly cared for are lasting for at least 25 years.

“However, damaged walls, or worn parts, should also be repaired swiftly by a professional engineer and we have a national team who can support all makes of wall, even if Style didn’t install it in the first place.”

For a comprehensive overview of the services available from Style, please click here>> 

For more information, please contact your nearest regional Style office


Style wins Gold again!

Style has won the FIS Gold Contractors Award for its installation at The Vox, part of the NEC Group.

It’s the 8th time in total Style has won the gold award, which is presented annually to companies that demonstrate the highest levels of craftsmanship.

View award winning case study >>

The FIS judging panel make onsite visits to see for themselves the quality of each company’s work, and by scooping the top accolade in 2016 means Style has now won Gold 7 times in the last 9 years.

Mike Fine, Style’s director for the midlands, said, “This was the largest moveable wall installation of its type last year running across rooms of 26 and 30 metres in length.

“Four Skyfolds were installed, offering a 54dB Rw acoustic rating, and incorporating fabric covered sound absorption panels and high pressure laminate. Skyfold is the ingenious vertically rising, fully automatic acoustic moveable wall, housed in the ceiling cavity remaining hidden when not in use.

“In addition, two DORMA Variflex systems were installed offering impressive 57dB Rw acoustics.

“These moveable walls incorporated four sets of double doors in a ‘T’ configuration to give access to all areas. The Variflex panels park neatly within two stacking zones at each end of the conference space, with a laminate finish on the main elevations.

“Such was the magnitude of the project that the walls were transferred to the opening of the Vox by crane which lifted more than fifty crates from the Crown Plaza Hotel car park.”

Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director added, “We’re thrilled to have won the Gold award yet again.

“As well as saying a huge thank you to everyone on the Style midlands team, we’d also like to thank our partners on this project - Monteith Scott architects of Birmingham, and contractor, Overbury Plc.”

For more information about Style’s range of moveable wall solutions please contact your nearest Style regional office.


The future of moveable walls is in full automation

Architects, specifiers and contractors looking to create flexible room space should turn their attention to the very latest in fully automatic, acoustic moveable wall solutions.

That’s the view of David Louden, Style Partitions’ director for Scotland, who believes the benefits of choosing a fully automated solution are so far-reaching that they will fast become the norm.

“If you look at DORMA’s fully automatic ComfortDrive system, this is an example of a superb automatic moveable partitioning wall,” explained David.

“You can change the configuration of a room simply by pushing a button. There’s no manual handling of panels, less chance of operator damage, its effortlessly simple to open and close, and if any person or object is in the way it will reverse and retry closure before stopping completely until the route is clear.

“It means you can alter your room space quickly and with incredible ease, and it’s due to technology like this that interest in fully automatic systems is increasing at a phenomenal pace.”

As the UK’s market leading, multi-award winning moveable partitioning wall specialist, Style’s expertise spans a whole range of market sectors, including corporate, hospitality, education, local authority, religion, retail and healthcare.

Style recently installed a fully automated moveable wall system with a 55dB acoustic rating at Nottingham Trent University, enabling teaching areas to be divided into individual classrooms or opened up into open plan lecture theatres.

St. Joseph’s Primary school in Dundee also chose a fully automatic solution for its 5 metre high partitioning wall in its main hall. Here, DORMA Moveo Comfortdrive operates with a simple LCD control pad. The panels move along the track and lock into position with no manual input from the school staff.

Style is also the exclusive UK partner to Skyfold – the ingenious ‘vertically rising’ fully automatic moveable wall system housed discreetly in the ceiling cavity and activated by the push of a button.

To view videos of fully automatic walls in operation, please visit the Product Video sections within the Moveable Walls and Skyfold sections of the Style web site.

For more information, please contact your nearest regional Style office.