New ground-breaking moveable wall arrives in the UK

A revolutionary new moveable partitioning wall has been launched taking acoustic integrity to a new level.

Dorma Variflex ML, which is available exclusively from Style Partitions in the UK, boasts improved sound insulation up to Rw 58dB, but with a reduced wall thickness of just 88mm.

“Most people would assume that to achieve better sound insulation you have to make a wall thicker,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director, “however Dorma have very cleverly achieved the direct opposite with this latest innovation.

“When it comes to moveable partitioning wall operation and aesthetics, the thinner the better as this offers numerous advantages in terms of how efficiently and discreetly it can be parked when not in use, the ease by which it can be moved, the structural advantages of its low weight and not using any more room space than necessary.

“What Dorma has achieved by improving the acoustics on a thinner wall is quite spectacular and sets the bar at a completely new level in room division systems.

“To put it in context, 58dB means meetings or events can take place undisturbed either side and this very thin wall is so easy to manoeuvre you can divide a room into 2 with incredible speed and ease.”

The new ML system comes with all of the hallmarks of Dorma’s hugely popular Variflex offering. The panel faces are manufactured separately to the frame, which means they are easy to change if one is damaged or scuffed, or if the interior design of a room changes later on.

The Variflex ML system provides a wide choice of elements and stacking/parking arrangements, is flexible even in the case of complicated room proportions where sloping ceilings or circular spaces have to be accommodated, and it comes in unlimited finishes which means it can perfectly match your interior design.

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Style kicks off 2017 with mission, vision and values

Style’s mission, “To lead the market in maximising the use of space, with unrivalled service and unbeatable products” has been underpinned with a new vision and set of values.

The mission, vision and values reinforce Style’s market leading position in the moveable partitioning walls sector by promising a wide range of values including sustainability, investment in new talent, innovation, safety and the very highest levels of quality.

“The demands of the operable wall sector have shifted quite dramatically in recent years,” said Mike Fine, Style’s director for the midlands.

“Expectations to innovate, automate and be green are all rising. Clients also want reassurance that the moveable partitioning walls they are choosing are certified for acoustics, fire and origin of manufacture, and safety standards across the whole construction sector have never been higher.

“By re-publishing our mission, vision and values helps all stakeholders understand what Style stands for as a business and gives reassurance that, as market leaders, we are driving up standards and working towards a set of agreed values that others can judge us against.”

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Even better acoustics and sound absorption for Skyfold’s Zenith range

Style Partitions is pleased to announce some great improvements to Skyfold’s Zenith range, with enhanced soundproofing and sound absorption.

Skyfold is the unique vertically rising, fully automatic acoustic moveable wall housed discreetly in the ceiling cavity. At the push of a button it descends smoothly into place, dividing space quickly and effortlessly.

Skyfold’s Zenith range offers a thin path of travel enabling it to be lowered into the tightest of floor spaces, making it ideal for sub-dividing rooms full of fixtures, fittings, furniture or other objects.

“Style is the exclusive UK partner to Skyfold, and we’ve seen demand for this incredible, vertically rising moveable wall rocket in recent years,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director.

“Because it is housed in the ceiling it takes up no floor space whatsoever when not in use, and these latest developments to the Zenith range are great news for architects, contractors and end-user clients. They can now enjoy an even better choice of acoustic options than before, with the Zenith 51 offering exceptional soundproofing and the Zenith NRC providing excellent sound absorption.”

Style has seen demand for Skyfold rise across a wide range of market sectors, including corporate, hotel and leisure, local authority and public sector, universities, colleges and schools.

Full technical specifications can be found on the Skyfold pages of Style’s web site.

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Increased operable wall automation predicted for 2017

With demand for fully automatic moveable partitioning walls continuing to rise, demand in 2017 is expected to hit an all time high.

That’s according to Mike Fine, Style’s director for the Midlands, who is seeing a growing number of architects specifying fully automatic systems to make the division of room space quicker and easier for their clients.

“The days of manually opening and closing a partitioning wall by hand, then using a crank handle to lock it into place, are soon to become a distant memory,” said Mike.

“Nowadays, people simply want to push a button and for the moveable wall to open and close on its own – the advantage being its far easier and quicker for the operator, but also there’s less chance of operator damage from poor handling.”

Great examples of fully automatic systems can be found on Style’s web site in the moveable walls video section. These include Nottingham University, St. Joseph’s Primary school in Dundee, and UBM in London.

Skyfold, the vertically rising, acoustic moveable wall is also fully automatic, with videos available in this section of Style’s web site too.

“There’s little doubt,” added Mike, “that the moveable partitioning walls sector is shifting and that, over time, fully automated solutions will replace manual and semi-automatic systems.

“It makes it so much easier to create flexible space by pushing a button to sub-divide or open up a room, and as it involves no manual handling whatsoever there are health and safety advantages too.”

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Finding Style’s BIM Objects now easier than ever

Style Partitions’ BIM objects on the NBS National BIM Library can now be accessed via the home page of Style’s web site.

Making it easier than ever to locate the correct BIM object for a project, architects can select from a range of moveable partitioning wall products on Style’s home page and be taken directly into the relevant part of the National BIM library, without further searches.

Simply click on the blue National BIM library widget and it couldn’t be easier.

“Our aim has always been for our web site to be an essential, and genuinely useful, tool for architects when specifying moveable walls,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director. “Filled with product details, technical data, CAD drawings and NBS specifications, the feedback we receive is always extremely positive.

“This latest enhancement channels you straight to the relevant part of the NBS National BIM library, adding value to architects and specifiers and saving time.”

Building Information Modelling (BIM) describes the collaborative approach to construction projects via the use of a digital model. It ensures all team members work to the same standards, providing easily accessible data on every component to integrate design and lifecycle management.

The NBS National BIM Library is the primary source of high quality BIM objects in the UK and the only one to link directly to the market leading NBS specification software. NBS authored BIM objects can be used with the confidence that they are consistent with the industry standard as they ensure that data is complete and in the correct format to allow full collaboration and information exchange throughout a project.

Style is the multi-award winning, market leader in moveable partitioning walls and operates through 5 regional offices, evenly spread across the UK to ensure advice and support is never too far away. Style’s BIM files on the NBS National BIM Library provide customers with up-to-date, reliable and precise product data for the planning, construction and management of buildings.

BIM offers enormous improvements when it comes to saving time and money. It increases the accuracy of estimations, reworks, alterations and the avoidance of error due to the loss of information. Architects, specifiers, contractors and end-user clients wishing to understand the impact of BIM, and the action they need to take, can enjoy free advice by contacting their nearest Style office.


Style’s SAS man a Channel 4 Hit

Style Partitions has its very own reality TV celebrity, with one of its team featuring in a Channel 4 show currently screening at 9pm every Monday.

Efrem Brynin, Style’s sales director for its Skyfold product range, took up the challenge to appear on ‘SAS – Who Dares Wins’, a programme which sent a group of men into the Amazon jungle to test how well they could handle the extreme physical and mental measures necessary to join the SAS.

“Being on the show was an amazing experience,” said Efrem. “It was certainly the most extreme thing I’ve ever done and was incredibly tough.”

To watch ‘SAS – Who Dares Wins’ tune into Channel 4 and watch previous episodes on catch up.