Automated glass walls are ideal for retailers and lobbies

Banks, retailers, bars and restaurants looking to add flexibility at the front of their premises should consider the very latest fully automatic, glass moveable walls.

That’s the advice of Mike Fine, director of Style Partitions for the midlands, who explains that the latest systems are not only highly secure but can be opened and closed with the push of a button.

“With advancements in technology, and by using strengthened glass, glazed operable wall systems are being used more widely than ever before,” said Mike, “a great example being Style’s recent installation for a branch of Santander where a DORMA Varitrans system provided a safe out-of-hours ATM lobby.

“When open it increases the bank’s floor space during the day, welcoming customers inside to access the ATM, whilst at night they can enjoy the use of an attractive glass lobby to complete their banking transactions in safety.”

See video of Santander>>

According to Mike, more banks, retailers, bars and restaurants should look at fully automatic, glazed moveable wall systems as they really enhance the consumer experience.

“One of the reasons many outlets have not opted for flexible frontage has been due to the hassle of opening and closing them, as well as security concerns,” said Mike.

“However, now that they can be activated by simply pushing a button, and are very secure, their popularity will soar in the coming years.

“Our advice is to look very seriously at these systems if you are specifying any premises where the ‘frontage appeal’ is critical for the customer, as the advantages are widespread.”

To view a product video from DORMA click here>>

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Architects - book now for Autumn CPD

Architects are being advised to book early for Style’s CPD seminars, with dates already going fast after the summer.

The RIBA approved CPD seminars are on the topics of “Multi-functional space” and “Fully automated vertically rising acoustic partition systems”. With flexible space becoming commonplace in most buildings, it’s essential for architects to be familiar with all the latest innovations.

“Our CPD seminars have always been very well received,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director.

“Designed to inspire and educate architects about totally new concepts in space division, they cover a wide range of areas during a 35-40 minute session, usually hosted at the architect's premises over a buffet lunch.”

During Style’s CPD seminar, architects learn about moveable wall design, features and benefits, structure, building interface, BIM, acoustic performance and criteria, finishes, health & safety, environmental issues, and maintenance.

“It really is an all-encompassing session,” added Julian, “and the feedback is always excellent.

“There are some incredible moveable wall systems available nowadays, and fully automatic solutions are really gathering pace, which is why it’s important to be aware of the latest market advances.

“Building information modeling (BIM), sustainability and how different market sectors use flexible space are also very topical.”

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Style wins 9th Gold Award

Market-leading, moveable wall specialist, Style, has scooped the top accolade in the FIS Contractors awards for the ninth time.

Richard Pearce, operations director, collected the Gold Contractors award for the operable walls category at the Dorchester Hotel in London, at a ceremony attended by 455 FIS members and their guests.

Style won the coveted prize for its installation of a Skyfold moveable wall system at the Francis Crick Institute in Kings Cross.

See the award winning case study>>    See a video of the award winning installation>>

Skyfold is a fully automatic, acoustic operable wall housed discreetly in the ceiling cavity, descending effortlessly into place at the push of a button.

A unique feature is its ability to sub-divide stepped auditoriums and, due to the sheer size of the room at Francis Crick, Style’s team installed 3 Skyfolds to create one wall with incredible attention to detail.

With flawless precision, the lines of the veneer match perfectly, not only across the 3 Skyfolds but the surrounding fixed walls too. And with privacy essential when running concurrent events either side of the closed wall, Style delivered phenomenal 49dB acoustics on site.

“A huge thank you goes to everyone who worked on this project,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director.

“This is without doubt one of the most impressive installations we have ever completed, and everyone who worked so hard on it, from our back-office staff to those on site, all deserve to share this FIS award which we are proud to receive yet again.”

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Automated space division continues to grow

Demand for fully automatic moveable walls is growing at pace, as architects, specifiers, contractors and end-user clients recognise the benefits.

That’s according to leading moveable wall specialists, Style, who have seen steep growth in fully automated systems, which enable rooms to be divided easier than ever.

“We’re quickly moving away from the days of pulling a partitioning wall into place manually and closing it with a crank handle,” said Andy Gibson, Style’s director for the north. “In fact, its very rare for us to implement a completely manual system nowadays.

“Modern day operable wall systems move effortlessly into place at the push of a button, with no need for manual handling, and this leads to minimal chance of operator damage and the ability to divide rooms, or open them up, with incredible ease however large or small.”

Style recently won the FIS Gold Contractors award for its installation at Francis Crick, a fine example of a very large-scale automated system. Other recent projects include an automatic DORMA Varitrans glass system at a branch of Santander, two fully automatic DORMA Moveo ComfortDrive walls at Nottingham Trent University and two Skyfolds installed for global law firm, DLA Piper, in Manchester.

“If you are currently considering a moveable wall, it is well worth looking at the fully automatic systems,” said Andy.

“Style is the exclusive UK partner to DORMA, Skyold and SWG, and we specialise in multiple sectors, including corporate, education, hospitality, local authority, religion, and healthcare.”

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Moveable wall solutions perfect for limited floor space

Some architects have expressed concern that a moveable wall can only be installed if there’s plenty of room to open, close and stack it.

Yet, thanks to two ingenious solutions from Style, even rooms with very limited floor space can be divided.

Skyfold Zenith is a vertically rising, fully automatic, acoustic moveable wall housed discreetly in the ceiling cavity, therefore taking up no floor space at all when not in use. With a push of a button it lowers effortlessly into place, and has a thin path of travel which means its ideal for areas that may have obstructions - for example, busy rooms or those filled with fixtures, fittings, furniture or other obstacles.

Dorma Variflex ML, is another outstanding solution with a reduced wall thickness of just 88mm, but sound insulation up to Rw 58dB.

“When space is limited, some architects, specifiers, contractors and end-user clients dismiss the idea of trying to sub-divide it through a flexible room configuration,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director.

“But this doesn’t need to be the case, and the Skyfold and Dorma products both offer very different solutions when space is tight.

“Making the best use of a room often means areas can be busy, whether it’s a company meeting room, a university lecture hall, a hotel, conference centre or local authority building.

“That’s where we can help. As exclusive UK partners to Skyfold and Dorma, we have products that will fit into the tightest of gaps and have to be seen to be believed.

“Better still, the acoustics are phenomenal, and they can be styled in a range of finishes to complement any interior design.”

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Education sector should focus on fully automated space division

Schools, colleges and universities looking to create flexible space should ensure they choose a fully automatic moveable wall.

That’s the advice of expert, Mike Fine, director of Style partitions in the Midlands, who says that automatic moveable walls offer widespread advantages to educational bodies that are sometimes overlooked.

“Many classrooms, school halls, canteens and lecture theatres have some form of folding or moveable wall to divide the space,” said Mike. “A common feature being that they are used very frequently each and every day, often by a number of different people – including students.

“We’ve come across a number of occasions where this had led to walls being damaged through improper use, or heavy-handedness, and we saw this first hand at a university recently where a wall had been so poorly treated that it needed completely replacing; something that was expensive to do.

“By choosing a fully automatic wall removes this issue completely. Activated by the push of a button, it moves into place without any manual intervention and will even instinctively stop if an object blocks its path.

“The lifespan of these walls is therefore quite incredible. With inexpensive routine servicing they can last up to 25 years or more, and there are other benefits too.

“There’s no manual handling, which offers health & safety advantages, there’s also no need for extensive training which saves time, and the acoustic integrity of these walls is spot on every time because the seals close automatically too.

“It all adds up to automated solutions being by far the best, and most cost-effective, option in busy schools, colleges and universities.”

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