Style takes the concept of collaborative office space one step further

Collaborative space is the latest buzz term in office design. Integrated and flexible, it serves individuals working alone to small groups getting work done yet remaining able to interact with others in the same location.

As a specialist in the creation of flexible room design, Style has devised an ingenious moveable wall system to accommodate collaborative office space in an extremely clever way.

A cluster of individual moveable wall panels act as magnetic writable white boards and offer the flexibility to create the feel of a small meeting room, or simply act as an ideas board for an informal meeting. Better still, with the facility to swivel round, they can be shared with adjoining groups, which is perfect for breakout sessions, brainstorms and impromptu gatherings.

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“This is a step forward from our traditional partitioning wall system,” explains Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director. “This is because a traditional moveable wall is quite linear, generally sub-dividing space across a room’s width or length.

“This ingenious system, on the other hand, offers complete flexibility to position the panels where you need them or cluster several together to add a degree of privacy whilst leaving a sense of openness. Perfect for the new trend in collaborative working.”

The new concept was triggered through a discussion with architects’ Sheppard Robson who were working with BW Interiors to create flexible, collaborative office space at IG Group in London.

With no solution on the market for their needs, Style went back to the drawing board to devise the new system, manufacture the panels and develop the technique for attaching the panels so that they could be locked, moved or pivoted as required.

“There is huge scope in the corporate and education sectors for this system, and we’re already seeing interest growing,” continued Julian. “In fact, we have already secured another immediate order from a major PLC in the City.”

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Showroom popularity grows with leading architects

Style’s London showroom has seen visitors rise in 2017, with architects using the facility to show clients moveable partitioning wall systems in action prior to specification.

Located in the Clerkenwell district, well-known as London’s interior design hub, the showroom houses Style’s impressive range of moveable wall solutions all under one roof.

As well as seeing them in operation, visitors experience their acoustic integrity, look at a range of finishes and designs, and familiarise themselves with their stacking options and technical specifications.

“Our London showroom is well worth a visit,” said Mike Fine, Style’s director for the Midlands. “We have a Skyfold moveable wall showing how easy and effective it can be to sub-divide space. This fully automatic, vertically rising, acoustic moveable wall is housed discreetly in the ceiling cavity and glides silently and seamlessly into place at the push of a button.

“Also on show are moveable partitioning wall solutions from DORMA and SWG, which cater for all requirements and budgets.

“Visitors can also review the very latest in wall coverings, lighting design, acoustics and a whole host of other innovations too.”

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If you work in the construction and refurbishment sector, and are looking for ideas or wish to see Style’s moveable partitioning walls ‘in the flesh’, please contact us to request a visit.


New videos showcase fully automatic moveable walls

Installations of ‘fully automatic’ moveable partitioning walls have seen unprecedented growth over the last 6 months, and to demonstrate the benefits Style has created a series of videos of recent projects.

“There is, without doubt, a growing shift towards fully automatic systems,” said Style’s group managing director, Julian Sargent. “As the videos demonstrate, nothing could be simpler than pushing a button to divide a room into two and the benefits speak for themselves.

“There’s no manual handling of walls, no chance of damage through operator error, anyone can operate them with minimal training and these fully automatic systems are intelligent enough to stop opening or closing if anything gets in their way – all of which is leading to an increasing number of architects specifying them for their clients.”

Francis Crick Institute – fully automatic, vertically rising Skyfold in stepped theatre>>

Goodwin Proctor – fully automatic Dorma Varitans ComfortDrive glass partitioning wall>>

Santander - fully automatic Dorma Varitans ComfortDrive glass partitioning wall>>

Style is the UK’s market leading moveable partitioning walls specialist, and the multi-award winning company is the exclusive UK partner to Dorma, Skyfold and SWG.

“We have an outstanding portfolio of products catering for all requirements and budgets, from simple folding walls to the very latest acoustic systems – a great example being the brand new Dorma Variflex 88 which has a thinner panel yet phenomenal 58dB Rw acoustics," continued Julian.

“Last year we were also the first moveable wall specialist to make BIM objects for folding wall systems available on the award winning RIBA NBS National BIM Library, and our green credentials are second to none with EPD certified moveable walls in accordance with ISO 14025 and EN15804.”

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Scheduled servicing a ‘must’ for moveable partitioning walls

Anyone with a moveable partitioning wall that does not have it regularly serviced should do so immediately.

That’s the advice of Andy Gibson, Style’s director for the north, who says that scheduled servicing is vital for protecting your investment and ensuring your operable wall serves you for many years.

“Moveable partitioning walls need a regular inspection and service to minimise potential downtime, preserve the wall’s acoustic integrity and help you comply with health and safety regulations,” he explains.

“Style’s national team, which operates from our 5 regional offices, services some moveable walls that have been in use for up to 25 years. They have been in operation that long thanks to routine servicing, with preventative maintenance avoiding any problems before they happen.

“At Style, our service contracts include regular maintenance visits, during which our engineers will inspect, clean, lubricate and adjust all mechanisms and components in accordance with best practice. We can also replace any damaged or worn parts to avoid any recurring problems turning into serious issues – very much like having a car serviced!”

As well as scheduled servicing, Style’s national team of technicians also offer an emergency repair and breakdown service which includes repairing partitioning walls that Style didn’t originally install.

“Don’t worry if its not one of our moveable walls, as our team can always help,” said Andy. “And if you are concerned about your operable wall we can come and do a free health check with no obligation.”

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New ground-breaking moveable wall arrives in the UK

A revolutionary new moveable partitioning wall has been launched taking acoustic integrity to a new level.

Dorma Variflex ML, which is available exclusively from Style Partitions in the UK, boasts improved sound insulation up to Rw 58dB, but with a reduced wall thickness of just 88mm.

“Most people would assume that to achieve better sound insulation you have to make a wall thicker,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director, “however Dorma have very cleverly achieved the direct opposite with this latest innovation.

“When it comes to moveable partitioning wall operation and aesthetics, the thinner the better as this offers numerous advantages in terms of how efficiently and discreetly it can be parked when not in use, the ease by which it can be moved, the structural advantages of its low weight and not using any more room space than necessary.

“What Dorma has achieved by improving the acoustics on a thinner wall is quite spectacular and sets the bar at a completely new level in room division systems.

“To put it in context, 58dB means meetings or events can take place undisturbed either side and this very thin wall is so easy to manoeuvre you can divide a room into 2 with incredible speed and ease.”

The new ML system comes with all of the hallmarks of Dorma’s hugely popular Variflex offering. The panel faces are manufactured separately to the frame, which means they are easy to change if one is damaged or scuffed, or if the interior design of a room changes later on.

The Variflex ML system provides a wide choice of elements and stacking/parking arrangements, is flexible even in the case of complicated room proportions where sloping ceilings or circular spaces have to be accommodated, and it comes in unlimited finishes which means it can perfectly match your interior design.

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Style kicks off 2017 with mission, vision and values

Style’s mission, “To lead the market in maximising the use of space, with unrivalled service and unbeatable products” has been underpinned with a new vision and set of values.

The mission, vision and values reinforce Style’s market leading position in the moveable partitioning walls sector by promising a wide range of values including sustainability, investment in new talent, innovation, safety and the very highest levels of quality.

“The demands of the operable wall sector have shifted quite dramatically in recent years,” said Mike Fine, Style’s director for the midlands.

“Expectations to innovate, automate and be green are all rising. Clients also want reassurance that the moveable partitioning walls they are choosing are certified for acoustics, fire and origin of manufacture, and safety standards across the whole construction sector have never been higher.

“By re-publishing our mission, vision and values helps all stakeholders understand what Style stands for as a business and gives reassurance that, as market leaders, we are driving up standards and working towards a set of agreed values that others can judge us against.”

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