Style Makes the First SmartTrack 14 Installation

DORMA’s new, innovative SmartTrack 14 Moveable Wall has been installed in the UK at Carmel College, St. Helen’s. The installation was completed by Style after the team identified the new partitioning wall system as being perfect for the College Lecture Theatre.

“The beauty of the DORMA’s new SmartTrack 14 system is that it allows the user to easily move heavy, tall panels into the stacking zone without the need for any physical strength or force to change direction,”said Andy Gibson, Style’s Director for the North.
“In fact there is no need to ‘steer’ the panel into the correct parking track at all as the diverters and programming plates mounted in the track do this automatically.
“And if you consider that these panels are 90kg m2, 140 mm thick and 6 metres high they are extremely heavy. They are also beautifully finished in a striking black high pressure laminate, and have a 60db laboratory tested acoustic performance.
They also have a micro-perforated acoustic surface board to reduce room reverberation time, yet maintain acoustic performance from one side to the other, which means all in all the new SmartTrack 14 system is a superb solution for college staff.”
“Having seen how well this new system works I would urge anyone to look at it, as its going to be a really impressive and popular product for colleges, schools, conference rooms, theatres and offices.”

For more information about the new DORMA SmartTrack 14, please contact your local Style Office.


Service Excellence is Key as Style Enjoys Record Year

All businesses seek to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. But at Style, excellence is an inherent part of our culture, and our strive for perfection is now being fully felt. After winning our 3rd consecutive AIS Gold Award, we’ve also been recognised for a ‘Perfect Delivery’ by Morgan Sindall.

Mike Fine, Style’s Director for the Midlands said, “Morgan Sindall’s philosophy is to develop long-term sustainable relationships with only the best suppliers and subcontractors that support their Perfect Delivery programme and an incident-free environment.
“The Perfect Delivery certificate was in response to a recent installation of a Stylefold 120 Centrefold partition system at Glossop Primary Care Centre and demonstrates Style’s determination to exceed client expectations and deliver the very highest standards in product and installation.
“In our profession, partnerships are involved in every project and it’s essential that each party operates to the very highest standards as this combines to provide a terrific customer experience.
“As our reputation for quality continues to grow, we are seeing repeat business from architects, specifiers and construction partners reach an all time high, and 2010 is turning into a record year for us thanks to the manner in which we work and the exceptional quality of our people and products.”

For more information about Style’s commitment to quality and for support with your next project, please contact your local Style Office.


Style's Commitment to Health and Safety Goes from Strength to Strength

It has always been our commitment at Style to work to the very highest standards of health and safety, and we see it as an important aspect of our overall approach to business.

Our philosophy is that health and safety should not be seen as a compliancy issue, but a positive aspect of delivering a highly professional service.

Andy Gibson, Style’s Director for the North explains, “We believe there are two ways of looking at health and safety. You can either view it as something that must be complied with. Or, you can use it pro-actively within your business culture to create strong client relationships, higher standards and better overall quality.
”Our philosophy has always been the latter. ”By going the extra mile and setting the health and safety bar high, we see huge benefits for our clients, our suppliers, and our own people.
“Thorough risk assessments are conducted prior to all installations to ensure that when we arrive on site we are fully prepared. We also take time to fully understand a client’s own policies so that we can meet all of their relevant standards, and appreciate hazards and risks which are local or unique to them.
This guards our clients’ reputations by demonstrating high standards of health and safety whilst on their premises, as well as establishing that there are no difficult access points to a building that could cause danger or limit progress.”

At Style, project managers and key personnel have the ‘Black Hat’ Construction Site Managers Safety Certificate (SMSTS), lead engineers are certified under the Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme, all site engineers hold a CSCS card, and PASMA, IPAF qualifications, Style are CHAS and SAFEcontractor accredited, and we were 2010 Construction Health & Safety award finalists.

If you are looking for advice or support with an installation that requires the very highest levels of health and safety, or have a client that demands the best in this area, we would be pleased to discuss your requirements with you. Simply contact your local Style Office for more information


DORMA Hüppe's Moveo® Praised for Acoustic Performance

As sole UK distributors for DORMA Hüppe, Style combines the very best acoustic expertise and advice with market leading products.

DORMA Hüppe’s Moveo® being an excellent example as it incorporates ComforTronic® automatic seals as standard which are designed to maximise acoustic integrity, providing sound reduction up to Rw 55dB to the latest European standards.

“We’ve had incredible feedback about the acoustic performance of Moveo,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s Group Managing Director, “however optimum acoustic performance is not just down to the product alone.
“Architects, specifiers and contractors will tell you that there are a large number of potential variances that affect an R’ rating; R apostrophe being the in situ rating compared to a product’s lab tested R rating.
”The harsh reality is that a final installation will rarely replicate the conditions of a lab test, because in a controlled environment there is one test product and no flanking. The lab is designed to only transmit sound through the partition itself, which is essential as a comparitive ‘product’ measurement, but does not reflect real life installation and use.
“Because of this it is our philosophy to have open dialogue as early as possible about the factors that are likely to create performance variance, and how we can take action to overcome these; in particular by assessing the room carefully to assess where flanking may occur, its severity and what mitigating action can be taken.
“It is thanks to this meticulous planning and very high levels of technical expertise that we develop very long-standing relationships with our customers.”

If you are looking for advice or support with an installation that requires high standards of acoustic quality, we would be pleased to discuss your requirements with you. Simply contact your local Style Office for more information.


Semi-Automatic Partitions Enjoy Huge Increase in Popularity

The specification of semi-automatic partitions is soaring as the benefits of flexibility, ease of use, reliability and the quality of finish increase.

In 2009, Style saw an incredible 75% rise in semi-automatic installations and 2010 is on track for that to grow even further with another huge leap in the number of specifications.

“These figures show a clear shift in the market towards semi-automatic moveable partitions”, said Mike Fine, Style’s Director for the Midlands, “however the dramatic increase doesn’t surprise us.

“Anyone that sees, and operates, a semi-automatic partition wall in situ is immediately impressed. Not just by the sheer simplicity of use, but by the look, the style, the fitting and the overall quality. This really is a very exciting product which has suddenly begun to accelerate in popularity.”

Style are sole UK suppliers and installers of Moveo (Dorma’s increasingly popular semi-automatic wall), Variflex (also from Dorma and available as semi or fully automatic) and Skyfold’s range.

If you would like to discuss the benefits of semi and fully automatic movable partitions, we would be pleased to hear from you. Simply contact your local Style Office for more information


Style launches new e-Newsletter

Style has launched an online newsletter, designed to offer vital information and articles regarding innovations, installations, products, certification and design advancements in the field of moveable partition walls. As sole UK distributors for DORMA Huppe, Skyfold and SWG, Style is well-known with architects and specifiers for its outstanding products, highly skilled installation and close personal service.

Our new monthly e-newsletter will provide a vital update to anyone involved in moveable partition walls, from architects and specifiers to main contractors, regarding issues such as new product launches, acoustics, health and safety, finishing, design and innovative approaches to challenging projects.

“We’re very proud of our reputation for giving good quality advice as well as offering terrific products and very high quality installation”, said Julian Sargent, Style’s Group Managing Director.
“Our newsletter will enable everyone associated with the operable walls sector to benefit from a quick monthly update, which we are sure will be very warmly welcomed.”

If you have not linked to this story via our first newsletter, and would like to receive a copy, please email us your name, company name, email address and telephone number to marketing@style-partitions.co.uk and we will be pleased to add you to our monthly mailing list.