New Skyfold Video Demonstrates Ceiling Mounted Partitioning

If you’ve never seen Skyfold’s vertical folding wall in action this latest video is well worth watching. Because this product never fails to deliver the ‘wow factor’!

Watch the video

As a ceiling mounted, fully automatic partitioning wall operated by a simple turnkey the specification of Skyfold has soared in recent years as it offers such a simple and stylish solution to sub dividing rooms. And because it is housed in the ceiling, it maximises space efficiency.

“Specifications of Skyfold have rocketed,” said Efrem Brynin, Style’s Director of UK Skyfold Sales. “The main increase coming from businesses in city centre locations looking for something stylish, acoustically sound and easy to operate for conference facilities, training rooms and other meeting areas. However, as the video shows it has applications for all types and sizes of rooms – from schools to airports.”

As sole UK distributor of Skyfold, Style has an outstanding reputation for delivering extremely high quality installations, and recent projects include some of the most prestigious multi-national businesses whose headquarters are in London.

“For any architect, specifier or main contractor looking for a really stylish solution we’d be delighted to show evidence of Skyold’s appeal with some of our latest installations. Just recently we completed an installation with a fabric finish in a Boardroom commanding views across London’s financial quarter and it was quite stunning.”

For information about Skyfold, or to discuss a forthcoming project, please contact Efrem Brynin on 01202 874044


Scrutinise a Product’s Acoustic Rating & Certificate


A ‘keen eye’ is as important as a ‘good ear’ when checking the acoustic performance of a movable / partitioning wall.

Because until it is in situ, the only way you can determine the validity of a product’s stated acoustic performance is to know how to check the documentation.

According to Style, there is a great deal of misunderstanding in the operable walls sector regarding acoustic ratings and certificates, resulting in many clients not appreciating what checks they should make, or questions they should ask, before they buy.

“It is standard practice at Style to show architects, specifiers, main contractors and clients the necessary certification and evidence to support each product’s acoustic rating,” said Julian Sargent, Group Managing Director at Style. “Yet sadly this is not the case across the entire operable walls industry.
“Our advice, therefore, is to always talk to reputable suppliers but take time to satisfy yourself that the appropriate documentation is in place, current and valid.”

Style has published a series of checks which it advises all organisations to conduct prior to placing an order.

  • Ask for a copy of the product’s acoustic certificate
  • Check carefully that the certificate relates to the specific product you are ordering
  • Ensure the certificate contains the name of the supplier
  • If the supplier’s name is not on the certificate, request a letter of authority direct from the manufacturer
  • Make sure the wall was tested to the latest standards (BS EN ISO 140-3:1995, BS 2750-3:1995)
  • Look for the signature of the testing laboratory and ask yourself, ‘Does this look valid?’
“It is very disappointing to hear of instances in our industry where less reputable companies are supplying lower grade products, with invalid or out of date certificates – or no legitimate evidence of acoustic performance at all,” continued Julian.
“However, it is not only happening all too often, it seems to be on the increase as acoustic standards grow leaving certain suppliers unable to cope. “At Style, we will always supply the acoustic test certificate rated to the specified dB for the project being processed, plus full test data when required.
“We will also provide a letter of confirmation from the company who actually undertook the acoustic testing confirming that we are authorised to use the certificate. “By adopting this approach ensures we not only supply and install products that will meet client requirements, it also means we develop long lasting relationships based upon integrity, openness and trust.”

For more information about acoustics, or if you’d like to speak to one of our experts about conducting valid checks, please call your Regional Style Office.


Telescopic Panel Provides Flush Finish When Partition is in Use

DORMA Variflex, the semi-automatic (and manual) folding wall, is being specified by Style in an increasing number of office conference rooms and boardrooms due to its flush telescopic panel. As a unique feature in the movable walls sector, the Variflex expandable telescopic section sits completely flush against the adjacent panels once the wall is in position, which has exceptional benefits in terms of aesthetics and space flexibility.

“The telescopic section on the DORMA Variflex product is a really outstanding feature,” explained Julian Sargent, Style’s Group Managing Director, “whether used on a manually operated or semi automatic wall.
“Because once installed the end closure moves allowing the partition to be set up and sealed acoustically, then it sits flush against the rest of the wall. This means it looks like one solid wall, rather than having any form of protrusion or bulky unsightly end expanding section.”

As sole UK distributors for DORMA Huppe, Style has seen demand for semi-automatic partitions rise steeply in 2010. And thanks to the unique telescopic feature of the Variflex product, its popularity has soared.

“At Style we adopt a solutions approach,” said Julian. “This means that we always take a great deal of time to work closely with architects, specifiers and main contractors to ensure clients’ benefit from the optimum product to meet their needs and criteria. “However, when it comes to office space in particular, the features and practicalities of Variflex very often make it a natural choice, and client feedback is always first class.”

For more information about DORMA Variflex, or to discuss your movable walls and partitioning requirements with Style, simply contact us through one of our regional offices and we’d be delighted to help.


SKYFOLD Makes Quantum Leap In Acoustics

Skyfold has launched two brand new Vertically Stacking Acoustic Partitions that drastically cut sound transmission and dampen reverberation.

This quantum leap in acoustic performance of the new Skyfold Classic Elite, Rw 56dB, and absorption of Skyfold Classic NR, NRC 0.65, will undoubtedly grab the attention of schools, hotels, offices and convention centres who have always loved the ease of use and finish of Skyfold, making it an extremely popular system for dividing space.

“This is a very dramatic step forward,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s Group Managing Director, who market, distribute and install the Skyfold range exclusively in the UK.“Skyfold has always been an outstanding and highly versatile product. Stored in the ceiling cavity,
this vertical partitioning wall system makes the most efficient use of space as no wall pockets are required and they move effortlessly and quietly with a simple turnkey operation.“With the excellent acoustic ratings of the new Rw 56dB and NRC 0.65, Skyfold’s appeal will widen even further and we’re already receiving enquiries for these two new products even though they have only just been released.”

In 2010, Style won the AIS Gold Award for an installation that included Skyfold at Moody’s in Canary Wharf. On that occasion, Moody’s already had Skyfold installed in their New York office and specifically requested it for London.

Efrem Brynin, Skyfold’s Director of UK Sales added, “Moody’s is a great example of a company that had seen the operational benefits of Skyfold and how stylish it can look in situ, and had asked for it again.

“We’re now expecting to see a further increase in Skyfold specifications as a result of our new products, and we’ve made the design process far simpler too. By incorporating our range into Revit they can now be viewed using Building Information Modelling (BIM) giving virtual 3D photo quality graphics.”


Stylish Choice – Meeting Customer Needs Perfectly

When it comes to creating flexible space, every requirement is different.

Which is why, at Style, we’ve worked tirelessly over the years to develop the most extensive product portfolio of movable walls so that we can always deliver the right solution.

With a range that includes traditional horizontal sliding folding partition walls, sliding glass partitions, vertical rising/ceiling mounted, folding room dividers, manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic walls, as well as a vast range of fittings and finishes, we have built up a reputation for being able to offer best advice without being restricted by product range.

“It’s part of our philosophy as a business to always offer sound, objective and very professional advice,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s Group Managing Director, “however that’s only possible if you’ve got a product range to support it. “Without the full portfolio, you are limited to advising from within a restricted choice. However when our team is asked to advise on the best solution for a room, whatever its shape, size, construction or purpose, we know they can do precisely that.”

For examples of the breadth of projects that Style has offered solutions for, from the largest installation in Europe at ExCeL Conference and Exhibition centre, through to a Skyfold system at Henderson Global Investment in London, we would be delighted for you to visit the case studies section of our web site.

To discuss options for your next project, simply contact one of our regional offices and we would be delighted to help you.


Style Delivers Sound Proof of it’s Acoustic Expertise

The acoustic consultants commented that this installation by Style was the best they’d tested. So how did Style achieve a site tested acoustic performance that was so unexpected? Because this was a monumental improvement on previous field tests on the same site using other manufacturers’ products.

With a 56db Dnt,w on-site performance, and including a 49db Dnt,w on site performance with Double pass doors (DTZ), this project really sets the bar very high in the movable walls sector. In the iconic Manchester Central convention complex, this was phase 3 of a project that offered an extension of floor space comprising 3 seminar rooms and a break out area adjacent to the main train hall.

Using the Dorma Variflex 60dB Rw product, including special sound absorption boards, the three rooms and the break out area needed to be subdivided by acoustic moveable walls. It was also important that they could be stored out of sight to form one large usable space.Style were appointed by Laing O Rourke after a vigorous pre-qualification process to achieve a safe and perfect delivery.

And if expectation wasn’t high enough to deliver an outstanding acoustic performance between conference and public areas, there was also the added pressure that the Labour party conference was to commence immediately at the end of the program – televised to millions.

“We approached this project in the same way that we do all installations,” said Andy Gibson, Style’s Director for the North. “The key aim being to find the optimum solution and conduct a thorough and detailed assessment of the rooms so that the correct product could be fitted to the very highest standard.”
“Acoustic performance was an extremely vital criteria on this occasion, making it important for our team at Style to work incredibly closely with Dorma, Architects Stephenson Bell and Laing O Rourke to develop the specification – not only in the performance of our product but also the surrounding structures.”
“We also had some real challenges along the way including roof deflection, service penetrations and floor levels. The main contractor adopting the sub contractors as team members was a major influence that made this project such a success.”
“Achieving exceptional acoustic performance is a combination of expertise, team work, products, planning and installation and has to be considered at the start, and maintained throughout, the project. The way these four elements combined perfectly is a huge testimony to the very high quality of our people and products.”

If you are looking for advice or support with an installation that requires high standards of acoustic quality, we would be pleased to discuss your requirements with you. Simply contact your local Style Office for more information