DORMA Range Continues to Improve Year on Year

DORMA’s new brochures have been launched – and as ever they reflect the growth and quality of its product range, now incorporating Moveo Glass, as well as updates to its Classic finish selection. To view and download the brochures, click on the Brochures link in the Moveable Walls section of our web site.

“As sole UK suppliers for DORMA, Style benefits from their continued determination, innovation and commitment to quality,” said Keith Way, Style’s Director for the South East. “Not only are the products unquestionably market leading, they also offer variety, style and exceptional ease of operation.”
“And when combined with our own very high standards, which saw us winning the AIS Gold Award in 2010 for the third consecutive year, it is unsurprising that we enjoyed a record year last year and have even greater ambitions for 2011; all based upon our ability to meet client needs with exceptional products, support and service.”

If you are looking at movable partitioning walls for your organisation, and have not considered DORMA’s market leading range, we would be pleased to demonstrate them to you and discuss the best solutions. Simply contact your Regional Style Office.


Style Sees Sharp Rise in Education Sector

Demand for moveable partitioning walls in schools, colleges and universities has risen steeply in 2011, with Style seeing a marked increase in the number of installations.

According to Julian Sargent, Style’s Group Managing Director, this is not just down to an increase in overall demand. It is also through heightened awareness by architects, specifiers, contractors and educational establishments of Style’s track record of providing outstanding, innovative and cost-effective solutions in this market.

“As awareness grows of the excellent range of moveable wall solutions that we can offer, we’re being increasingly specified in this area,” said Julian. “In recent years we’ve provided some breathtaking solutions to schools, colleges and universities.
“These include Skyfold’s ceiling mounted, vertically stacking partitions, Dorma’s Variflex and Moveo which offer ease of operation, flexibility and some stunning aesthetics and we’re being increasingly commissioned to create flexible space in teaching areas, restaurants, theatres and other important areas.”

Rooms in educational bodies need to be flexible so that they can be used for a multitude of activities throughout each day. Teaching staff not only need to maximise the space available to them, they also have to re-arrange rooms quickly in between lessons.

“Key factors when installing an operable wall are that it must be effortless to operate, provide privacy through optimum acoustic performance, be safe and complement the aesthetics of the room,” concluded Julian.
“At Style, we are proving time and again through our five regional offices that we can meet the needs of the education sector better than anyone else which is why we are seeing such a sharp rise in demand.”

If you would like to discuss a project for the education market, please contact your nearest Style office.


Skyfold Maximises Space for Schools, Colleges and Universities

For educational establishments looking to sub-divide rooms, without losing any floor space, Skyfold is unrivalled. As a vertically stacking, fully automatic partitioning wall, Skyfold is housed in the ceiling cavity which means rooms can be used to their full capacity when the wall is retracted, but can be segregated in minutes.

“Tukes School in London uses Skyfold in their main hall and loses no floor space width at all,” said Efrem Brynin, Style’s Skyfold Product Manager.
“Skyfold also provides Tukes with a great deal of safety for its students because the turnkey operation can only be activated by two people which means it cannot be opened or closed without supervision, but if the fire alarm goes off it will automatically retract.” Skyfold has particular appeal to schools, colleges and universities looking to sub-divide theatres, because it can be designed to close comfortably onto steps in a tiered auditorium; something that horizontally folding walls cannot easily do.
“For any architect, specifier, contractor or educational establishment that hasn’t seen Skyfold before, it really is a ‘must see’”, said Efrem.

Skyfold can be seen operating by visiting the Skyfold page of our web site and viewing one of the videos. A case study of Tukes school is also available on the site. If you would like to discuss a project for the education market, or simply learn more about Skyfold for future projects, please contact your nearest Style office.


Style’s Portfolio Expands to include Side Folding Grilles

Style has grown its portfolio of products with the introduction of the Cornell range of side folding grilles and TranZform accordion.

The side folding grilles have proven to be incredibly popular with retailers as they act to secure off a shop front outside the glass or across entrance areas, whilst allowing passersby to still see the products inside. Demand has also been high in offices, hospitals and lobbies.

The TranZform product provides privacy and secure separation, as well as excellent sound control, and is ideal for any business, hotel, conference centre, educational establishment, hospital or other area where space needs to be divided quickly and with privacy.

“We’re delighted to have teamed up with Cornell,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s Group Managing Director, “as they have a product range that we’ve always admired.
“These products add yet another new dimension to our business, which means we can meet an even broader range of client needs, and they also complement our DORMA, Skyfold and SWG products extremely well.”
Cornell offers 3 key products within their side folding grilles range; VisionGlide™ Model ESG-30, GlideGard™ Model ESG-32, and VistaPane™ Model ESC-31. Each offers a different level of visibility, security and application.
Within their TranZform range, Style is offering the ‘Space and Sound’ product – a side folding accordion partition that can accommodate virtually any width opening.
“If anyone would like to discuss these products with us, either in respect of a specific project or to simply gain a better understanding for future reference, we’d be delighted to hear from you,” said Julian.

For more information, please contact your nearest Style office


Flexibility is Key when Finding the Perfect Finish

Expectations are rising in the moveable partitioning walls sector. Not just in terms of ease of use, acoustics and overall application but in terms of how operable walls complement a room’s interior design.

According to Keith Way, Style’s Director for the South East, demand has never been higher for creating visually appealing solutions which blend in seamlessly, or add a new dimension, to a room’s appeal.
“If you look at some of the projects we’ve undertaken across the Style Group recently, it’s evident that architects, contractors, specifiers, interior designers and clients are all pushing for more stylish and innovative solutions,” said Keith.
“In recent months we’ve completed projects which involve mirrored partitioning walls at a gym, wooden panelling to match a listed building’s conference room, glass to set off a company’s reception area, and operable walls made into white boards for training purposes.
“The range of finishes we can offer, in many respects, is becoming as important as the wall’s suitability and operation.”

As sole UK distributor for DORMA, Skyfold, SWG and now with a new agreement with Cornell, Style has access to an outstanding product range as well as an in-house team that has a flair for creating breathtaking solutions.

“As winners of the AIS Contractors Gold award for four successive years, the quality of our team and product range is indisputable,” concluded Keith. “But perhaps what many do not realise is how extremely versatile we also are in creating a look that can deliver a stunning finish.
“In many cases, the wall blends in so perfectly with the rest of the decor that to the untrained eye it is almost impossible to tell that it is moveable.”

If you are looking for a perfect finish with your next project, please contact your nearest Style office.


Quality Counts as Style’s Continued Investment Benefits Customers

Style has been enjoying record levels of business over the last year, and according to Tony Enticknap, Group Finance Director, this is largely down to the significant investment placed into quality initiatives.

“In the last quarter, we’ve been accredited by Bureau Veritas to a UKAS standard for ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System and BS OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health & Safety Management System,” said Tony

“We’ve also received an Achilles accreditation, and we’ve won the AIS Contractors Gold Award for the fourth successive year.

“None of this happens by chance. A number of years ago we made a commitment to lead the market in terms of the best quality of products, processes, systems and people, and all of that time and investment is now culminating in our customers enjoying the very highest standards in everything we do.
“And as our reputation for quality continues to grow, so does the number of specifications because, as well as offering outstanding products, its equally important to architects, specifiers, contractors and clients that they enjoy the reassurance that projects will be conducted to the very highest standards from planning through to execution, and that we will deliver against our commitments.”

To discuss your moveable wall requirements, please contact your nearest regional Style office.