Innovative Solutions Win Favour in a Competitive Market

With competition in the construction sector as strong as it’s ever been, simply offering the lowest price for a moveable wall is not the route to success.

According to Andy Gibson, Style’s director for the North, in a challenging market gaining competitive edge is more about meeting customer needs with more creative, unique and innovative solutions than it is about simply cutting rates.

“Of course everyone wants the most attractive price,” said Andy. “But achieving the best solution still remains the most important priority.
“For this reason, at Style we have continued to re-invest in people, systems, processes and products in recent years and by doing so we’re seeing this not only pay dividends for us as a business but for the architects, specifiers, contractors and end-user clients we work with too.
“Take for example the refurbishment contract for Manchester Central Library. This is a very well- known architectural gemstone in Manchester and the quality of the final solution for sub-dividing space needed to complement the building’s splendour, cater for its curved shape, offer a very high level of acoustic integrity and deliver a practical solution to reconfigure room space with ease.
“Our solution provides 57db walls with faceted tracks to give a curved effect, and delivering a rounded shape was also an approach that won favour with our installation at Newcastle University Student Union last year – another historic and iconic building.
Recent projects have also included ceiling mounted, fully automatic acoustic partitioning walls that operate silently and effortlessly from roof space, glass partitioning walls that maximise vision and light, and systems that blend perfectly with a building’s interior design including the perfect and seamless continuation of wall murals.
“By offering a portfolio of solutions, supported by a team of creative designers and highly talented technicians means we add a great deal of value to the specification and design process. Even when price competition is tough, it is this painstaking attention to quality, innovation and being able to devise new solutions that has been the hallmark of our high quality approach.”

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Broad Product Portfolio is Key to Meeting Client Needs

With 2012 emerging as another year of continued growth and increased specifications, Style’s broad product range is being hailed as an important ingredient to the firm’s success.

As sole UK distributors for DORMA, Skyfold and SWG, architects, specifiers, contractors and end-user clients are offered the perfect balance of moveable, partitioning and folding wall solutions catering for every requirement and budget.

And according to group managing director, Julian Sargent, the breadth of projects the company is working on is testimony to the hard work carried out over many years to establish the optimum product mix.

“We’ve taken a great deal of care over many years to develop a product range that means we can offer the right solution for any given scenario,” said Julian. “This means, irrespective of whether we’re working with a major city centre corporation or a village school, we can provide the correct advice without any pressure to promote or offer a product that doesn’t quite fit the bill.”

On the Style web site the company showcases its projects, demonstrating the abundance of solutions on offer across a variety of industry sectors, including major corporates, schools, local authorities, the healthcare sector and churches.

“We pride ourselves on our entire proposition,” continued Julian, “which includes the quality of our people, products and processes. It is for this reason that we’re seen as the leading specialist in partitioning walls, have won the AIS Contractors Gold Award five times, and are specified time and again.
“However, to give professional and balanced advice it’s essential to support this with an extensive and carefully developed product range, and it is thanks to this that architects, specifiers, contractors and end-user clients turn to us time and again knowing that we will provide sound, impartial advice backed by outstanding solutions.
“No matter how big or small the requirement, how challenging the installation, how large or small the budget, or how demanding the interior design – we can always help.”

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Demand for Style’s RIBA Approved CPD Seminars Rises

Demand for Style’s RIBA approved CPD seminars is on the up, as architects focus on vital training following the summer break.

According to Mike Fine, Style’s director for the Midlands, there is often a surge in demand at this time of year as architects return refreshed from their summer holidays and reserve their places on the course.

An overview of the two seminars, which cover the topics of “Multi-functional space” and “Fully automatic vertically rising acoustic partition systems” can be accessed from Style’s web site, by visiting the “Architects Area” linked to via the tab at the top of the screen.

“We often experience heightened interest at this time of year,” said Mike, “because September through to the end of November is a key trading period with the number of projects increasing. This results in a hunger for new ideas and information about the latest moveable wall concepts, as well as innovative thinking when dividing space resulting in a surge in CPD demand.”

Style runs its seminars across the entire UK and has received outstanding feedback regarding the quality of its presentation and the content, and if anyone would like to request a CPD seminar on either topic simply contact your nearest Style regional office via the web site’s contact page.

“We have more than 200 years combined experience within our management team on the subject of partitioning walls,” continued Mike, “which means the quality of our seminars, and the knowledge we impart, is second to none.
“All attendees receive a full literature pack, a copy of the presentation on CD and Style’s acoustics check list – a very handy guide to ensuring installations meet the required acoustic standard.”

For more details please contact your nearest Style regional office, or download a PDF of the CPD content via the web site.


Style Launches Maintenance and After Care Service

Style has further extended its product and service portfolio with the launch of its moveable wall servicing, maintenance, repair and after care service. By routinely servicing and maintaining your partitioning wall, you can protect your investment, ensure its longevity and also keep its acoustic integrity intact.

“Scheduled servicing is by far the best long-term solution,” explained Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director, “with some walls lasting for as long as 25 years.
“However, damaged walls, or worn parts, should also be repaired swiftly by a professional engineer because continued use can cause permanent damage and unnecessary expense.
“At Style, we have five strategically located regional offices with locally based engineers dedicated to the servicing and repair of manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic moveable walls. They have always supported our clients with an after care service, however we took the decision to extend this into a stand-alone service provided either through planned service contracts, or ‘call out’ repairs.
“We can now also support you whether you operate a wall originally provided by Style or from any other supplier or manufacturer.”

Style recently won the silver award in the moveable partitions section of the 2012 AIS Contractor’s Awards, taking the company’s tally to eight top two places in the last nine years.

The company has also made significant investment in its people, quality systems and processes resulting in an outstanding reputation for the quality of its installations and service.

“Our team of engineers is of the highest calibre, and all receive continued training,” continued Julian. “This means customers benefit from on-site personnel who are highly experienced, extremely knowledgeable and can help ensure a partition’s life is extended which is far less expensive than seeking a replacement.”

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Skyfold Open Day Impresses Architects

Architects, specifiers and contractors were wowed at a recent open day at the Hotel La Tour in Birmingham when Style demonstrated the benefits of Skyfold – it’s unique, vertically rising, acoustic partitioning wall.

Skyfold has seen specifications soar since its UK launch with its popularity growing rapidly with major corporates, schools, local authorities, the healthcare sector and churches.

“Skyfold has to be seen to be believed,” said Mike Fine, Style’s director for the Midlands, “which is why we decided to host an open day to do just that.
“Once people see it in action it really is quite breathtaking. Not only because it sub-divides space with such ease whilst retaining full use of floor space, but also due to its acoustic qualities.
“During the demonstration, we had a large flat screen television with the volume on loud on one side of the room and having lowered the Skyfold into place everyone agreed that they couldn’t hear any sound interference coming through the wall at all. In fact, one guest even went round to the other side of the wall to check the television was still on.
“This makes it perfect for any environment where you are seeking to use space flexibly, are likely to be running different activities concurrently and want to be sure they will not disturb each other. In fact, Skyfold has so many attributes it really is a truly remarkable product, which is why it has been so incredibly popular across so many industry sectors.
“Since being showcased at the Hotel La Tour, we have taken further enquiries from organisations in the hospitality and leisure industry and expect this to grow significantly.”

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More Honours for Style with another AIS Contractor’s Award

Style has won the silver award in the moveable partitions section of the 2012 AIS Contractor’s Awards, taking the company’s tally to eight top two places in the last nine years. From 2008-2011, Style enjoyed an unprecedented run of four consecutive Golds in an industry honour that all companies strive for, mainly because awards are allocated by independent judges who make an ‘on-site’ visit to a recent installation.

“It’s an incredible achievement to succeed yet again in the AIS awards,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director. “And to have had such a run of achievement over almost a decade reflects the tremendous quality of our people, products and processes.”

The award was granted after judges visited PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in More, London – a stunning location overlooking the Thames and the company’s new flagship European headquarters.

A combination of wood-effect DORMA Variflex and glass Moveo were installed in the client dining areas and main boardroom, both with semi-automatic operation, and for the main auditorium semi-automatic Variflex with sound absorption boards added to the high quality veneer to assist with the room acoustics. A full case study can be found in the Case Studies section of Style’s web site.

At the time, Paul Mason, Project Manager at Overbury said, “This was an immensely successful project and Style’s solution met PwC’s needs perfectly,” and from the silver award it is clear that the AIS judges agreed.