Sustainable Solutions will be Key in 2013

Competitive edge for architects, specifiers and contractors will be achieved in one key area in 2013; the ability to offer more sustainable building design solutions than others.

That is the view of Style’s group managing director, Julian Sargent, who believes that in the coming year, key ‘make or break’ buying decisions in an already intensely competitive construction sector, will be made on the basis of a product’s environmental credentials.

“No-one can deny that the construction sector has been one of the hardest hit by the recession. As a result, firms operating within it have had to innovate, work smarter, think differently and the successful ones have been those who have continued to meet the demands of this market better than anyone else.
“In 2013, that ability to meet the sector’s needs will revolve firmly around sustainability and I’m delighted to say that Style has been planning for this for some time and has the most eco-friendly and sustainable moveable wall products in the UK market.”

In October 2012 Style unveiled its EPD (Environmental Product Declaration), which applies to DORMA’s Variflex, Moveo and Varitrans products. An EPD is the pinnacle of product sustainability and of importance to anyone seeking sustainable solutions for BREEAM, LEED and SKA rating certification.

Skyfold, Style’s vertically rising acoustic partitioning wall system, is also constructed mainly from recycled materials, which offers tremendous advantages and opportunities to earn points required for LEED certification.

In addition, Style is accredited by Bureau Veritas to a UKAS standard for ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System.

“The future is definitely green,” concluded Julian, “and we are ready and equipped to continue to meet the demands of our sector by meeting their requirements perfectly. “And if anyone wishes to discuss sustainable moveable walls with us, we would be delighted to help.”

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Online Architect’s Area Growing in Popularity

Visitor numbers to the architect’s area on Style’s web site (www.style-partitions.co.uk) continue to rise, month on month, as its popularity soars.

Designed as a portal that offers architects access to NBS Plus specifications, technical documents and CPD Seminars all in one place, it is fast-becoming a well-recognised and highly useful online resource.

“We’re delighted with the uptake of our architect’s area and the extremely positive feedback we’re receiving,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director.
“As a business we recognise how important it is for us to provide relevant and useful information to architects and specifiers regarding the latest moveable and partitioning wall solutions as this is an area that continues to develop.
“We also appreciate that we must make sure the process of specifying our products is simple and straightforward, particularly when there can often be a great deal of technical information to consume.
“For this reason, we consulted with architects who advised us that it would be of immense value if there was one single online reference point for them to visit that housed all relevant data, as well as making the specification process simple.
“Having launched that web-based facility earlier this year the response and feedback has surpassed all expectations, and visitor numbers are growing all the time.”

Style is the sole UK distributor for DORMA, Skyfold and SWG which means the company offers an extremely broad range of solutions for sub-dividing space; from breathtaking showcase solutions for boardrooms, hotels and convention centres through to practical and affordable folding walls for schools, churches and village halls.

“We are a solutions-led business,” said Julian. “This means we have worked incredibly hard to create a team of the finest experts in our sector, supported by robust and accredited processes and standards, and an outstanding portfolio of products that enable us to provide the ideal solution for any room, irrespective of its shape, size, age, desired usage or the client’s budget.
“It is for this reason that we have won the AIS Contractors Gold Award five times, and are seeing specifications grow year on year.”

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Education Sector Demand for Servicing, Maintenance and After Care Service on the Up

Demand for Style’s servicing, maintenance and repair service has been strong in the education sector, with many schools, colleges and universities seeking to preserve their moveable walls through scheduled visits and corrective repair.

The service offered through Style’s five regional offices is designed to protect each wall’s longevity and keep its acoustic integrity intact.

Scheduled servicing is by far the best long-term solution, however damaged walls, or worn parts, should also be repaired swiftly by a professional engineer because continued use can cause permanent damage and unnecessary expense.

“Moveable walls have always been extremely popular in the education sector,” said Mike Fine, Style’s director for the Midlands. “In any teaching establishment, rooms are used for a wide range of activities which can change frequently and for this reason their moveable, partitioning or folding walls are in regular use to open up and sub-divide rooms.
“Many schools have recognised that, just like servicing a car, an operable wall also needs to be regularly checked with early preventative maintenance always being a better option than long-term damage.
“For this reason, the popularity of our planned service contract, which offers scheduled visits from an engineer at agreed times each year, has seen rapid growth.
“After all, it is far more cost-effective in the long run to keep your moveable wall well maintained , ensuring it serves you for very many years.”

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UK First as Style offers EPD Product Declarations in Accordance with ISO 14025 and EN15804

Style Partitions has become the first ever UK supplier of EPD certified moveable walls.

The EPD (Environmental Product Declaration), which applies to DORMA’s Variflex, Moveo and Varitrans products, is the pinnacle of product sustainability and of importance to anyone seeking sustainable solutions for BREEAM, LEED and SKA rating certification.

The announcement has seen Style receive huge plaudit from many of the architects, specifiers and contractors it works with, making this one of the most significant developments in the moveable wall sector for many years.

“We cannot underestimate what a significant advancement this is,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director.
“An EPD communicates the environmental performance of a product. For each product a life cycle analysis (LCA) is carried out in accordance with ISO 14040, and by having an EPD means architects and contractors can participate in tenders involving sustainable building certification procedures.
“A huge amount of work has been put into achieving this certification, confirming our position as market leader in the provision of sustainable operable wall systems.”
The EPD covers a number of key criteria including global warming potential (GWP), the cumulative energy demand (CED) arising from each products’ manufacture, the total weight of the production waste recycled at the pre-consumer stage and the post-consumer recycling at the end of the product’s life.
“This underpins our commitment to delivering sustainable solutions,” said Julian, “and we would be delighted to hear from anyone who would like more information regarding the benefits EPD offers.”

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Innovative Solutions Win Favour in a Competitive Market

With competition in the construction sector as strong as it’s ever been, simply offering the lowest price for a moveable wall is not the route to success.

According to Andy Gibson, Style’s director for the North, in a challenging market gaining competitive edge is more about meeting customer needs with more creative, unique and innovative solutions than it is about simply cutting rates.

“Of course everyone wants the most attractive price,” said Andy. “But achieving the best solution still remains the most important priority.
“For this reason, at Style we have continued to re-invest in people, systems, processes and products in recent years and by doing so we’re seeing this not only pay dividends for us as a business but for the architects, specifiers, contractors and end-user clients we work with too.
“Take for example the refurbishment contract for Manchester Central Library. This is a very well- known architectural gemstone in Manchester and the quality of the final solution for sub-dividing space needed to complement the building’s splendour, cater for its curved shape, offer a very high level of acoustic integrity and deliver a practical solution to reconfigure room space with ease.
“Our solution provides 57db walls with faceted tracks to give a curved effect, and delivering a rounded shape was also an approach that won favour with our installation at Newcastle University Student Union last year – another historic and iconic building.
Recent projects have also included ceiling mounted, fully automatic acoustic partitioning walls that operate silently and effortlessly from roof space, glass partitioning walls that maximise vision and light, and systems that blend perfectly with a building’s interior design including the perfect and seamless continuation of wall murals.
“By offering a portfolio of solutions, supported by a team of creative designers and highly talented technicians means we add a great deal of value to the specification and design process. Even when price competition is tough, it is this painstaking attention to quality, innovation and being able to devise new solutions that has been the hallmark of our high quality approach.”

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Broad Product Portfolio is Key to Meeting Client Needs

With 2012 emerging as another year of continued growth and increased specifications, Style’s broad product range is being hailed as an important ingredient to the firm’s success.

As sole UK distributors for DORMA, Skyfold and SWG, architects, specifiers, contractors and end-user clients are offered the perfect balance of moveable, partitioning and folding wall solutions catering for every requirement and budget.

And according to group managing director, Julian Sargent, the breadth of projects the company is working on is testimony to the hard work carried out over many years to establish the optimum product mix.

“We’ve taken a great deal of care over many years to develop a product range that means we can offer the right solution for any given scenario,” said Julian. “This means, irrespective of whether we’re working with a major city centre corporation or a village school, we can provide the correct advice without any pressure to promote or offer a product that doesn’t quite fit the bill.”

On the Style web site the company showcases its projects, demonstrating the abundance of solutions on offer across a variety of industry sectors, including major corporates, schools, local authorities, the healthcare sector and churches.

“We pride ourselves on our entire proposition,” continued Julian, “which includes the quality of our people, products and processes. It is for this reason that we’re seen as the leading specialist in partitioning walls, have won the AIS Contractors Gold Award five times, and are specified time and again.
“However, to give professional and balanced advice it’s essential to support this with an extensive and carefully developed product range, and it is thanks to this that architects, specifiers, contractors and end-user clients turn to us time and again knowing that we will provide sound, impartial advice backed by outstanding solutions.
“No matter how big or small the requirement, how challenging the installation, how large or small the budget, or how demanding the interior design – we can always help.”

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