Wide Ranging Moveable Wall Solutions the Key to Success

In this month’s news the team at Style is heralding its 100th Skyfold installation at the Telefonica Digital building in London’s Regent Street.

Yet according to Style’s group finance director, Tony Enticknap, the company’s success is based upon its ability to find a solution for all projects and budgets, and its overall approach to business.

“We’ve grown steadily and consistently through some of the toughest economic conditions ever experienced,” said Tony, “and I put that growth down to us being resolute as a company that we will continue to invest inwardly in the best people, training, systems, processes, quality standards and work practices.
“On top of that we’ve also developed what I believe to be the finest range of moveable wall solutions in our sector, from simple folding walls which are ideal for community centres and village school classrooms through to hugely high profile projects such as our installation at the ExCel centre which was the largest in Europe.”

Style is the exclusive UK agent for DORMA, Skyfold and SWG offering such an extensive product range that a solution can be found whatever the requirement.

More importantly, companies choosing Style enjoy a high quality specialist that has won the AIS contractors gold award 5 times, is committed to sustainable solutions with the first ever UK EPD certification for its DORMA range, and is accredited to UKAS standards for ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System and BSOHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health & Safety Management System which was an industry first for a moveable partitioning walls specialist.

The company’s web site also offers architects and specifiers an NBS specification service, and Style provides CPD seminars throughout the UK which enjoy outstanding feedback.

“We have remained firmly focused on developing a market leading proposition of the best people, processes and products,” said Tony. “And as we enjoy continued expansion it is rewarding that our inward investment, and unwavering commitment to quality, is acknowledged and appreciated by our clients.”


100th Skyfold is Only the Beginning

As Style celebrates its 100th Skyfold installation with a special event at the Telefonica Digital Building in London next month, Julian Sargent, group managing director, says this is just the beginning for this incredible moveable wall solution.

“We’ve installed 100 Skyfolds across the UK since becoming their exclusive UK agent,” said Julian, “and the more the awareness grows of this incredible partitioning wall, the more demand there is.”

Skyfold is a unique vertically rising, fully automatic, acoustic moveable wall with up to Rw 56dB acoustic rating which means meetings can be run concurrently with complete privacy. Housed in the ceiling cavity and operated by the push of a button, no-one would even know a moveable wall was in the room until activated.

It glides silently and effortlessly into place, and because it is housed in the ceiling it retains maximum floor and wall space. It also comes in a vast array of finishes and creates a breathtaking, yet hugely practical solution, for virtually any room size and ceiling height. It can also divide stepped auditoriums with ease, making this a truly ingenious solution for the creation of flexible space in any environment.

“We’ve had demand from market sectors including corporate, hospitality, education and local authority, “ said Julian, “mainly because this product sells itself.
“Once architects, specifiers, contractors and end-user clients see it in operation, and appreciate the wide-ranging benefits, we always get incredible feedback. “As a result, specifications are soaring and we see our 100th UK installation as just the beginning.
“Interest has never been greater, and we have some stunning examples of Skyfold in operation in places such as Deloittes, Hotel La Tour, Coventry University, Henderson Global Investors, Gensler Architects, Brunel University and Tuke School; all of which can be viewed on the case studies page of our web site.

For more information about Skyfold, please contact your nearest regional Style office.


Style Celebrates its 100th Skyfold Installation with a Special Event

Style Partitions, the UK’s leading moveable walls specialist, is celebrating its 100th UK installation of Skyfold at O2 Telefonica’s offices in Central London.

The special event to be hosted in May is aimed at architects, specifiers, contractors and clients and will demonstrate the benefits of the Skyfold system, combined with speeches, refreshments and networking.

Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director said, “We’re extremely excited about showcasing our 100th Skyfold installation at such a prestigious location.

“As a fully automatic, vertically rising folding wall, Skyfold is housed in the ceiling cavity and lowers and rises silently through a simple push button operation, occupying no floor space at all.
“Since its arrival in the UK its popularity has rocketed as it not only offers a superbly practical solution for creating flexible space, but a genuinely stylish one too. It really does have to be seen for the benefits to be truly appreciated and we’re thrilled to make our 100th installation at Telefonica.”

The benefits of Skyfold are unrivalled in the market place, because by folding into the ceiling cavity it is out of sight when not in use without compromising any floor space.

Yet when lowered, it automatically seals itself to the floor and walls, which is what gives it its stunning acoustic performance of up to 56dB. It also comes in an extensive range of finishes enabling it to be matched seamlessly into any room design.

Numbers for the event are limited and it is by invitation only, however if you would like to register your interest for this event, please email Clare Jefferson at clare.jefferson@style-partitions.co.uk

For information about Skyfold please contact your nearest regional Style office.


Skyfold Videos Demonstrate Outstanding Product Benefits

As Style celebrates its 100th Skyfold installation, it is no wonder that this unique vertically rising, fully automatic partitioning wall has created such a stir since its arrival in the UK. Style is the sole UK distributor for Skyfold and is seeing specifications continue to rise across multiple market sectors including corporate, local authority, education and hospitality.

To view the outstanding capabilities of these movable partitioning walls its worth taking a moment to click on the video links below, or visit the Product Videos link on the Skyfold page of our web site..

View our product videos here.

More images and case studies can also be found here.

“This is a truly breathtaking moveable wall solution,” said Efrem Brynin, Style’s Director of Sales.
“The benefits of Skyfold have been overwhelming and we have experienced high levels of repeat business, particularly in the London Corporate market from Interior Designers and Architects who consider the product a must for space division requirements.
“As well as ease of operation, the acoustic integrity is also second to none. This is another reason why it is so popular because concurrent events can be held either side of the wall in complete privacy.
“It can also cater for extremely wide spaces, high ceilings and stepped auditoriums making it a hugely versatile system for sub-dividing space and with the first UK stepped wall now being ordered it won’t be long for clients to experience firsthand the operational advantages offered by this product.”

For information about Skyfold please contact your nearest regional Style office.


Style’s Online NBS Specifications and Technical Documents See Accelerated Usage

Style’s specifiers area on its web site has seen unprecedented use in recent months. It comes after an increasing number of architects have embraced its NBS specification tool, and technical documents library, as valuable resources.

According to Julian Sargent, group managing director at partitioning wall specialists Style, the investment being made in initiatives that help architects, specifiers, contractors and end-user clients continues to pay off.

“The specifiers area on our web site was something we invested in last year and it has paid enormous dividends,” said Julian. “As a business we are here to assist and add value to architects and by offering the NBS specification, as well as being on the RIBA NBS system, we are making the specification process clearer and easier.
“The technical documents also provide detailed drawings of our moveable walls including parking layouts, panel movements, track junctions, acoustic barriers, panel types and track fixing and we’ve had tremendous feedback on how useful this is.”

Through recent tough economic conditions, Style has continued to make on-going inward investment to deliver products and services that add value to its customers. As sole UK suppliers of DORMA, Skyfold and SWG the company offers an exceptional range of products for a vast array of uses and budgets – from company boardrooms to universities, colleges, schools, churches, local authorities, hospitals and village halls.

With DORMA, Style has also brought to market the first ever UK EPD certification for moveable walls. The EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) applies to DORMA’s Variflex, Moveo and Varitrans products and is important because it is the pinnacle of product sustainability for anyone seeking sustainable solutions for BREEAM, LEED and SKA rating certification.

“This year we will continue to develop the specifiers area of our web site, and we will be working closely with our manufacturing partners to introduce increasingly innovative and sustainable solutions,” said Julian. “All or which continues to position Style as market leader in the partitioning walls sector.”

For more information, please contact your nearest regional Style office.


Heating Bills Can be Cut through the Creation of Flexible Space

Schools, churches, community centres and other organisations that suffer costly winter heating bills can benefit from using moveable partitioning walls to divide space – and only using and heating what is in use.

According to Julian Sargent, managing director of Style, a partitioning wall can make a significant impact on energy costs by effectively reducing areas being heated unnecessarily. He also sees the cost saving benefits of reduced energy bills as very advantageous to organisations who find themselves needlessly heating very large, but under-utilised rooms.

“As well as offering flexible space by sub-dividing rooms, many organisations, particularly educational and public sector bodies seeking sustainable solutions and reduced costs, are seeing the benefits of reduced heating bills by installing an operable wall which results in not having to heat large halls and conference areas when not in full use; all of which has an impact on both their costs and the environment,” said Julian.
“With a growing desire for eco-efficiencies, schools, colleges, churches and community centres are particularly looking at how they can maximise their room usage, and how they can save money by closing off areas that are not in use and therefore not having to heat or light them.”

As a 14001 Environmental accredited company, Style is the sole UK distributor for Dorma, Skyfold and SWG enabling it to offer an expansive range of extremely flexible solutions, from ceiling mounted vertically rising walls that allow complete use of floor space, through to glass walls and systems with a range of finishes that fit seamlessly into any room design.

“The recent cold snap and rising energy costs have caused conversations to move towards efficiency gains of late,” continued Julian, “particularly as many people will look back on another hefty fuel bill this winter, which is why the advantages of sub-dividing space are growing in people’s minds.”

For information about our range of partitioning walls solutions, please contact your local Style office.