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    DORMA Moveo training centre installation

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The Ripple Centre, Barking

The Ripple Centre in Barking is a combination of a Community Centre, Care Trust and Council training centre. Since its transformation from the old Ripple Hall it has quickly established itself as a vibrant community hub providing flexible space to suit all occasions and all budgets.

At the heart of the Centre is a large multi-purpose Hall that can accommodate up to 200 people for formal functions, conferences, social get-togethers, or celebratory parties. The Centre also has two comfortable training rooms and a boardroom that between them can seat 14 - 50 people.

Working with contractor, Borras Construction and architect, Falthorn Farrell Timms Orpington, Style was appointed to create the flexible space within the training rooms and boardroom that was so important to the Centre’s success.

These areas needed to sub-divided, or opened out, quickly and with ease in order to cater for the constantly changing use of the building every day.

DORMA Moveo was therefore selected as the best solution in 2 lines of 2, finished in a clean and stylish pearl grey II laminate.

“We chose Moveo because it is incredibly light compared with conventional moveable walls, which is a real benefit for changing space with speed and ease,” said Keith Way, Style’s director for the south east.
This is also a very simple moveable partitioning wall system to park and secure because it has the ComforTronic® control system. With this system the sealing strips are automatically extended as soon as the two elements come into contact, which precludes any chance of operator error and ensures a tight seal.”