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    Moveable wall installation at Nuffields HQ

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A Healthy Range of Room Options for Nuffield’s Head Office

Nuffield Health is the UK’s largest healthcare charity, and at the end of 2013/start of 2014 it moved into its new head office in Epsom, Surrey.  The site at the Epsom Gateway houses more than 400 Nuffield Health staff and provides the best working environment whilst enabling the charity to become more energy efficient.

Working closely with contractor, Morgan Lovell, Style was specified to deliver a flexible room configuration that would enable Nuffield Health to use its learning academy and boardroom for a wide range of activities.

A combination of 4 walls created a configuration which included two DORMA Variflex moveable wall systems with white magnetic board finishes, a DORMA Variflex wall with an Egger laminate finish and a DORMA Moveo Glass wall. As EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certified moveable walls in accordance with ISO14025 and EN15804, Variflex and Moveo were perfect for Nuffield’s environmental aspirations and by cleverly sub-dividing space meant they only needed to heat and light the rooms in use, not the entire area. The glass wall created a long corridor with pass doors into the individual training/meeting rooms when closed. This allowed maximum natural light into the entire area.

“This is a superb example of how space can be used really flexibly,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director.“Nuffield staff have the freedom to form a T-shaped room configuration, the option to create a 32 seater conference room, two 16 seater rooms or open the entire space up into 1 very large area.
“By integrating a glass Moveo wall we also maximised the light, and the white boards on the Variflex system are a great addition which is why that finish is proving so popular in offices and training centres.


Contractor: Morgan Lovell

Architect: none


  • Learning academy and boardroom / head office.
  • Products solid panel VARIFLEX manual with EGGER Laminate (quite unusual) – not used much.
  • One of meeting rooms was DORMA VARIFLEX magnetic whiteboard.
  • In the learning academy DORMA VARIFLEX magnetic whiteboard.
  • Learning academy MOVEO Glass to form the front facade 50dB glass (all 49 or 50dB).
  • T-shaped wall - etching by them.
  • 2 rooms are individual but the moveo glass and variflex create a T shape with corridor.
  • 32 seat room large room, then Variflex forms 2 16 seat rooms or open it all up and create a much larger area.

Special requirements: finish