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Holy Trinity with Christ Church, Tunbridge Wells

Holy Trinity with Christ Church is in the parish of Tunbridge Wells and part of the Church of England in the Diocese of Rochester. The Church is central to the community and hosts a multitude of events over and above the services. These include prayer groups, mother and toddler sessions, Tea ‘n’ Talk for over 55’s, and a whole host of other gatherings, meetings and activities.

With such diverse use of ever-changing space, Style worked with contractor, Epps Construction of Ashford and Architect, Lee Evans in Canterbury, to create a flexible arrangement downstairs in between the cafe and lounge area, and upstairs in the main hall/classroom. This featured an L-shaped configuration with inset pass doors and one stack area.

DORMA Variflex, in a stylish cream laminate finish, was specified by the architects as the most suitable option, offering ease of manoeuvre and a finish that complemented the aesthetics of the church.

With its many design and constructional variants, DORMA Variflex is ideal for any application where the purpose is to help people meet, communicate and generally feel comfortable in their surroundings.

“We have a great deal of experience working with churches, and are therefore very sensitive to their requirements,” said Keith Way, Style’s director for the South East.“By using Variflex, we not only provided a system that is effortless to open and close, it is also extremely neat, has a beautiful finish, and offers privacy through its 52 dB acoustic rating.