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Flexibility, Style and Great Acoustics at Bank’s London Office

BayernLB or Bayerische Landesbank (Bavarian State Bank) is a publicly regulated bank based in Munich, with locations around the world.

At its London office, in the heart of the financial district, Style was specified to deliver flexible space, striking interior design and outstanding acoustics in the company’s 6th floor meeting rooms.

Working with architects, Mansfield Monk and contractor, Sq-m2, Style installed a combination of DORMA Moveo glass and solid moveable walls, offering the flexibility to divide the meeting area into 3 separate rooms, 2 rooms or one expansive conference space.

DORMA Moveo is an exceptional moveable partitioning wall solution which incorporates ComforTronic® automatic seals as standard. Its lightweight design makes it effortless and quick to open and close, altering a room’s configuration in minutes.

“This was a superb combination of solid and glass operable walls to, not only deliver flexibility to Bayern LB’s meeting areas, but a sense of panache as well,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director.

“Better still, we achieved acoustics of 50dB with the glass partitions and 55dB with the solid walls ensuring meetings could take place concurrently and in privacy.

“However, a successful installation isn’t just about having great products, and at Style we take great pride in offering market leading products, people and processes – all resulting in projects of the very highest quality delivered by high calibre professionals.

“As a result, we’ve quickly been specified by Bayern LB for another project, reflecting how delighted they are with our overall approach.”