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Dorma Moveo® Glass Semi-Automatic Movable Wall

Method of operation

Comfortronic® automatically controlled extending and retracting horizontal and vertical telescopic seals; power conducted between panels by end-face sliding contacts and controlled by central keyswitch. Mechanical emergency unlocking shall be incorporated. Safety button (constant pressure) operation to vertical telescopic seal as standard.

Automatic operation recommended at heights above 4500mm


Movable wall comprising individual top hung full height panels of equal size, made to measure to suit site dimensions. When wall is closed between fixed abutments it gives the appearance of a solid flush wall, with concealed interlocking concave and convex extruded aluminium edge profiles which incorporate flexible sealing strips.


Glazed elements comprising an aluminium frame with 30mm wide vertical stile incorporating two layers of safety glass. Track extruded aluminium, track junctions incorporating drop forged roller bearings. Carriers fully adjustable and secured to elements by horizontal ball bearings engaging with shock absorbing roller pins.

Opening Size



Maximum height for Single Point 3500mm

Number of panels

Maximum panel width 1200mm


Maximum height 4000mm for full height pass doors.

Pass doors

Pass door or double pass door panels supported with a surrounding portal frame. The lateral posts incorporating compression to enable positive floor engagement. Post stability shall be reinforced by locking projections that engage in flush-recessed floor sockets. Door leaf provided with a frame and automatically operable sealing strip. Electrically operable sealing components engaging with the ceiling and floor.

* Passdoors are solid panels

Acoustic insulation

Tested to DIN EN ISO 140-3:1995 & DIN EN ISO 717-1:1997. Laboratory test must include automatic seals and tested to the above standard. If the test certificate is in the name other than the supplier then a letter of authenticity (not older than 3 months) must be supplied by the company who tested the product to confirm that the supplier is authorised to use the offered certificate.


Panel weight

Not to exceed 34kg per M2


Product must be supplied with a valid ISO14025 Environmental Product Declaration

Solid element & wall post finishes

Track finish

Polyester powder coated to RAL 9010

Frame finish

Silver Anodised Aluminium (SAA)

Seal finish

Horizontal – Black, Vertical - Grey


Incorporated electric blind

Fixing/void structure

Subject to approval by the structural engineer

Sway bracing required above 500mm.

Comprising of an acoustic slab insulation with plasterboard encasement with all perimeters and penetrations foil taped, designed to give similar acoustic performance to the moveable wall.

Electrical Requirements

230 VAC 10amp switched fused spur power supply to be provided by Electrical Contractor within one metre of ceiling mounted control panel. Wiring from wall mounted key switches to control panel to be by Electrical Contractor.

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