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    DORMA Varitrans single pass door

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Stylish use of a Flexible Space at Birmingham Hotel

Hotel La Tour is a luxury four star-standard hotel with a five star attitude to customer service, which opened in the city centre in Spring 2012. As far as new Birmingham hotels go, Hotel La tour is a modern classic, revolutionising the way people eat, drink and socialise.

Working with contractor Galliford Try and PHP Architects, Style was appointed to create flexible space with a sense of panache to complement the hotel’s interior design. For the private dining and café areas, DORMA Varitrans was chosen with single pass doors.

A key requirement was to maximise light, deliver a feeling of space, and offer stylish ambience for the hotel’s guests, which made Varitrans the ideal solution. As a glass partitioning wall, guests feel connected with the rest of the hotel even when they are enjoying the privacy of being in their own dining area.

“This is a stunning hotel with breathtaking interior design throughout,” said Mike Fine, Style”s director for the Midlands.
“Varitrans was the perfect product because attractive glass can be incorporated to provide a tailored atmosphere for rooms whilst also offering a practical partitioning wall that is simple to manoeuvre, can be opened and closed effortlessly and is extremely durable.”