Case Studies
  • ACS International School

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International School Maximises the use of its Dining Hall

Situated on 20 acres of glorious English countryside adjoining the Royal Savill Garden, and only 25 miles from central London, ACS Egham is an IB World School for over 600 students (ages 3 to 18), and 160 expert faculty and staff from over 50 countries.

Working with contractor, Mx2 Interiors and liaising directly with the school, Style was asked to create a flexible environment in the ground floor hall/dining area.

While food was being prepared, it was important to shield the kitchen from the rest of the hall so that activities could continue in that area undisturbed. However, at meal times the room could be turned into an open plan kitchen/dining hall with speed and ease.

Styefold 120 was chosen as the most appropriate solution; a simple but very effective folding wall offering 37dB Rw acoustics to shield the noise of the food being prepared, without the need for complete sound privacy.

“This is a great example of where a folding wall can provide a really effective use of space, offering flexibility and speed in the way the room is altered and utilised,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director.

“The dining area can be used for school gatherings and activities while the kitchen staff continue their duties, the acoustic integrity shielding the noise of the pots and pans in the kitchen.

“Quick access into the canteen is provided so that students can enter and exit easily, however by opening the wall during meal times creates a complete open plan facility making access to the serving areas easy, and enabling teaching staff to supervise meal times across one large room.”

Stylefold 120 has flush fitting protective aluminium edge profiles and the panel faces are available in a variety of finishes, including painted, polished wood veneer or a wide range of standard or high pressure laminates. It also offers fire ratings of 30 & 60 minutes.