Additional Services

Health Checks

Style will carry out a free, no obligation health check of your moveable wall to highlight any current or potential problems and provide a quotation for repairs. All repair work comes with a free service.  

Operation Manual

For all our Dorma, SWG and Skyfold products Style provides an operation manual at no cost. Our operation manuals provide advice and instruction on how to operate a movable wall correctly and safely, which helps preserve the wall’s integrity and operation.

Operator Training

Style can offer training on the operation of your movable wall to make sure it is being handled safely and correctly. A movable wall that is operated properly will reduce the need for repairs. Our operator training service is recommended for those sites that have a high turnover of staff or a large number of movable walls on site. 


The Dorma Variflex system is the only moveable wall that allows the facing boards to be replaced in situ without the need to take the panels down, and if you would like to replace panels (either because they are damaged or you are changing your interior design) please contact your nearest Style regional office. 

For refurbishment requirements on other makes of wall, please talk to our specialist team and we will advise you based on the type of wall you have. 


Moveable partitioning walls can be relocated and if you are moving your business, or refurbishing your meeting rooms, please contact your nearest Style regional office.

Spares and Replacements

Style’s national team of engineers carries a wide range of genuine spare parts and we also have further warehouse storage of parts. If we need to contact our manufacturing partners for special parts then normally this would be next day delivery.